Smokin in the grow room?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chemicalcomfort, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. So I've heard numerous times that tobacco smoke is bad for the plants and to never smoke cigarettes in the grow room. However no one has ever mentioned smoking weed being bad for them. Anyone care to weigh in?
  2. Dont know scientifically, i.e. chemicals etc; but im sure it wouldnt hurt as long as it didnt constantly stay smokey in the room. Only benifit i could see would be the co2 coming from the lighter when lighting it. But wait for the experts to weigh in on this, for i really dont know but thought i would reply anyway. Good luck man.,
  3. I smoke in my grow room all the time. Not for benefits to the plants (IF there are any), but just because I like getting baked and watching my girls grow.

    I would not however recommend you do it if you do not have a good ventilation system... in my room, the air gets exchanged 3-4 times a minute.
  4. Word that's exactly what I like to do. There's something therapeutic about smoking with my babies

    But thx for the input +rep. I didn't think it could be much of a problem especially since I certainly have some good ventilation, like Herbal said.
  5. Yea without seriously good ventilation it's not worth it at all. But i have to say this is the 3rd time I've seen this question in two days... :( Plants breathe oxygen not smoke why do people think it would be good for it.
  6. The only problem I see is the plants might be horrified that you are burning the remains of their sisters right in front of them! :p
  7. lol, whats the difference between cig smoke & ganja smoke?:confused: smoke is smoke wherever it comes from & will coat wherever it lands.

    yeh carbon dioxide is good but too many other toxins in ANY smoke ,so will be detrimental to your plants.
    could block the stomatas therefore cannot absorb anything
    could coat the leaves impairing photosynthesis

    so in my opinion dont smoke in your grow room/area.

  8. true smoke is smoke, but cigs do contain alot of chemical nastys that cannabis smoke doesnt.

    rocket fuel
    radio active pesticides

    are just a few things found in ciggerettes

    so yeah its definately not good for the plant, but pure cannabis smoke will obviously be a better option if your forced to smoke in your grow room

    although, cannabis has a neutral effect on the lungs if not positive, as it opens the same airways that tobacco closes - this is why it helps with asthma

    i would say cannabis smoke would not damage a plant nearly as much with proper ventilation

    organic natural smoke being burned vs toxic radioactive chemicals being burned

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