smokin in the day, or smokin at night??

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    whens your favorite time to smoke, daytime or nighttime? i prefer nighttime cause all the best shit happens at night.. daytimes too busy for me
  2. See custom avatar :p

  3. haze in the day, kush at night. all the time

    but i like the day time high better cuz the visual aspect is different.
  4. Depends what's going on. Work or school, smoke at night after homework. Weekends, all day.
  5. I love wake and baking and going to class, however if there is a quiz or test that day then I dont smoke. I always try to smoke at night too, but if I had to choose it would probably be during the day. If your active and go out and do stuff during the day its so enjoyable to me.

    Taking a blunt to the face at night is very enjoyable too though.. so I have to go with anytime :smoke:
  6. nightime for me. I have many reason that I don't during the day but the #1 is that I need to be there for my kids 100%. Bedtime rolls around and they all pass out then the husband and I go out to the garage and spend manyahours out there chillin and reconnecting.
  7. Honestly, I feel and always have felt the night to be more relaxing, just sit on your porch with a few good friends just talking, blazing, and listening to some good music.

    Amplified by 10 when it's the fall... I love the fall.
  8. night time all the way

  9. +1

    I've been high during the day very few times. I didn't really like it. Too many people on the streets and it is more of a heat up. At night is it definitely more chill. Smoking during fall/winter when it is cold outside is absolutely perfect. Nothing better than toking up when it's super cold and staring at the clouds and stars and moon in the sky while listening to some chill trance. Eek! First day of Autumn tomorrow. We don't really have autumn in South Florida but usually it isn't as hot as it is in the summer. I can't wait for January though. :D
  10. Haha go New York, we've been feeling the fall for the past week or so, and I'm loving it.

    I know what you mean, during the day it doesn't have the same appeal, I'm a bit more hesitant etc when smoking during the day, at night i feel completely care free.
  11. damn, NO daytime tokers? i enjoy the daytime if im on vacation, sightseeing, fishing, goin to a concert, beaching, or something of that occasion. but nights still got that special spot in my heart :cool: the best shit always happens in the dark

  12. +1 on the carefree thing at night. Especially if you're smoking in a safe spot.

    Haha I lived in Georgia for the month of October last year. I got to experience Fall! Leafs changing color and cool temperatures. Unfortunately my boyfriend (at the time) and I didn't have a hook up there. His sister smoked but did not share her stash. That's okay because usually in January-March it does get cold at night here. Sometimes dropping into the 30's (can you believe it?). I would love to smoke while it's snowing or something though.

  13. For me, nothing beats finding some fresh powder or a snowbank and laying down and blazing with some good tunes. Just need to remember to get out of the snow before you get frostbite.
  14. I like night because during the day its too busy and you have to interact with more people and you cant enjoy it as much i feel. At night its wicked chill and you can just do your own thing without being interrupted.
  15. ha wow no daytimes?...i voted anytime cuz im equal...

    i smoke all day/every day...and night.... its more chill @ night of course but i like being high around people who arent and seeing all the hussle and bussle of day time....its interesting

  16. Lucky you! Seems like it'd be mad chill. I've never even SEEN SNOW in my life. One day I will :cool:
  17. why would i wanna choose one or the other?? :smoking:
  18. I use to all day long. But now it's usually at night after school and work and all my homework and stuff is done.
    Gotta be responsible, yah know?

    But it's not so bad just cause I'm usually busy in the day anyway so night time is chill time :smoke:
  19. And yeah, I can't wait for this weekend (doing what I said in my first post)

    I have yet to try it but this winter it's going to be the first thing I do when it's snowing but...

    I have a sweet room in the back of my house that is just like a little bubble, all glass. Basically a giant room of windows like a greenhouse of sorts, and it's got a hot tub in it. Smoking in the hot tub while snow is falling around you, anybody? :hello:

    And damn... You have to fly north to see some snow!

  20. Me! I'm down! Ahahaha. And Yes I do. If I had money I'd go to NY or something for Christmas.

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