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smokin for a while?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KMKing, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. i have a question for all you heavy smokerz!
    how much have you smoked in one sitting(by sitting, i mean, you can get up to eat or drink, but, you cant stop breaking, smoking or passing the bud)so.. why dont we all share.

    me and 3 of my boys smoked 9 ounces in one sitting. we smoked ourselves retarted, the sober, then high as hell again. it was fucking crazy, we sold 3 pounds to this guy, and he just opened a brick, snatched a HUGE piece, we took it home and weighed it, it was 152 grams 16 grams in one ounce, thats 2 grams less than 9 ounces, thats only a nic-nak missing from 9 ounces, im getting excited just thinking about it
  2. sounds awesome dude... but there are 28 grams in an ounce... so you had about 5.5 ounces, not 9... that's still a shitload though... good work
  3. ive heard people say 28 grams and 16. im not sure, im not a mathematician, more like a stoning musician, so i get all the help from my friends where i need, hit the bubbler, fuck up, now im seein in three,
    sorry bout that
    if it is 28, the 5.5 ounces is still more than ive ever smoked
  4. yeah, sometimes it's hard to come by correct info about bud... i just have enough friends that deal, or have dealt, that it's the sort of thing i know...
  5. YA 5.5 OUNCES is still alot, and more then i've smoked in one sitting!
  6. people get the numbers mixed up because there are 16 oz's in a pound
  7. sounds like a high moment

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