Smokin Buddha

Discussion in 'General' started by ChRoNdoJah, May 25, 2006.

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    Great vid, just thought i'd post this cause i like to watch it sometimes when im stoned. well im off to bed. just had 6 beers. good night GC.:wave:
  2. Yeah its a good video :bongin:
  3. haha that was like a homage to the joint :hello:

    rep +
  4. hey stoned question, if the court had possession of a video of you doing illegal substances, can they actually do anything than like, idk "watch your house"?
  5. Stoned answer: I don't think so, it's no probable to reason posession beyond reasonable doubt so no warrant can be obtained.

    It's late man, I'm really blazed and I have to work in like 5 hours.

    haha :bongin:
  6. Those kids sure are cool:smoke:
  7. rasta man, you changed your avatar :confused:
  8. No ones gonna beleive me, but I know that spanish guy with the tatoo on his chest in the beginning. I used to live next to him like 7 years ago.
    Its a awesome video too.
  9. Haha yeah.

    Marley has been my avatar for a long time, besides i finally got reading Fear and Loathing

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