Smokin' At School

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Lapse, Dec 1, 2002.

  1. I go to the worlds most ghetto school... Every morning we smoke a bowl in the bathroom... Maybe two... A Joint... W/e... No one cares... Once a teacher came in and didint say SHIT...

    Ok check it out... First quarted I didint smoke at schoool and gotta C firs perdiod :(

    Second quarter I did... Got An A! Whooo Hooo... Weed Doest Really Deplete Brain Cells :)
  2. school is the best when you are high. especially if you can do it at lunch too so you are high all fuckin day.
  3. I wish, our school had a lot of problems with people smoking cigs in the bathrooms, so they thought it would be a good way to further make school a terrible, boring place by 1: fire alarms above the stalls, 2: hall monitors (yes grown men and women who make a living by making sure people are not wandering the halls) wait outside the bathrooms sometimes and come in after people to check up on shit, oh not to mention the nice little 100$ fine that you can get if your caught, I don't even know what they would do if they caught someone smoking a J, prob. call the state police.

    Me on the otherhand, somehow ended up in good standing with my art teacher, she lets us go outside and walk around unsupervised, looking for something nice to paint... I take daily rounds to this nice little spot by the Delaware and smoke a bowl or two.

    She prob. tokes, it would explain her clothes, and her cronic use of Viseen (sp?)...

    It gets the red out.

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