smokin and drinking is crazy!

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  1. used to get sick as fuck but last nite i took like 10 shots nd smoked 3 blunts throughout the nite nd i was mad fucked up never felt better in my life!! i thought it was just bein drunk that mad feel mad good but this blunt of kush 5 mins ago just refreshed my memomry :smoking: anyone else like drinkin and smokin!!
  2. you sound like you have 4 brain cells.:smoke:
  3. i used to get fucked up!!

    now i just get fucked up and throw up :(
  4. I never really like drinking and smoking. I mean if im only drinking a little bit then hell ya, but when really drunk I feel like the alcohol just overpowers weed and you cant really feel it, so its kind of a waste. Plus it makes the spins way easier.

    But to each their own.
  5. I've never understood why people who pride themselves on enjoying fine weed will get smashed off the dirtiest cheapest alcohol on the face of the earth.
  6. Because how potent and how early/late the bud was harvested and cared for can actually have a tangible effect on your high.

    Ethanol is ethanol and will have the same effect on you by volume, no matter how it tastes going down.
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    Obviously you've never drank a 12 pack of nattie light and had volcano shits the next day. :(

    It makes a difference. Trust me.
  8. Exactly and then you can take the money you saved from getting cheap liquor and spend it on dank :cool:
  9. Haha, Natty and Banker's run through my veins kiddo, keg kills and case races can give beer shits like no other. It's a natastrophe!

    Fyi though, that's actually due to the amount of water you're ingesting though, if you drank the same volume of plain water you'd have many bouts of violent diarrhea too.
  10. i find that a decent alcohol buzz (like, just drunk) combined with a shitload of weed is amazing, but even tho the pot reduces my hangover to near nothin, that nothin annoys me enough that I only drink booze like once a week, and just smoke every day.

  11. That's very true and the volume to effect ratio argument is good as well. But I'll pay for Guinness or Three Horses over the cheap stuff any day
  12. I smoke a lot of weed so its effects are nothing like they use to be. When I party I smoke while I'm drinking becuase it doesn't really make me more high just less drunk. When I feel like it's a good time to spark up I do and it balances me out so I can keep partying.
  13. feels good when done right .. or when you are too drunk to realize how much it is fucking you up.
  14. I love to drink and smoke! They're so much better together than they are apart! Just don't drink too much... I love being borderline buzzed/drunk together with being outright stoned. Perfect combo.

    It's almost like weed and beer were made for each other. :D

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