Smokin a rez joint?

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  1. I rolled a nice J out of rez and im wondering if it will even smoke :confused:

    Haha has anyone else done it?
  2. ive nevver dont it, and wow you mus have alot of res
  3. Ewww. Just....ewww.
  4. If its dry.
  5. seems like it would just boil over the air pocket and not smoke.imo your better off putting it in a bowl.
  6. Nah, ive never but its dat ruff? anything is better then smoking resin, u cant even get some regs?
  7. what i was thinking...

    lol arnt your fingers nasty and sticky?
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    Haha thats what i was thinkin

    No ones done it?

    And it sat in my drawer for like a week or two.. So it was dry, just a little sticky. My fingers arent though..

    I'll probably just try it to see if it will smoke and if not, rip it up and throw it ina bong :bongin:

    And I got a J left of some real good dank, but I'm savin it to smoke out this girl tomorrow. She's never smoked before :p
  9. :eek: what in the fuck
  10. You seriously couldn't just put it in some kind of piece? I can't even imagine the taste that thing would give me.
  11. I think one of my friends said that he smoked a joint with just resin in before, I hope you used some flavored papers though cause it's prolly going to taste gross.
  12. ive done it b4 the shit lasted like half an hour lucky for us the resin was dryed.:smoke:
  13. it wont work, itll drip and stuff. you can try it though, just for the hell of it.
  14. If you want my honest opinion then don't smoke it at all and put that resin where it belongs, in the garbage.

    Sure you can get high off of resin but is it really worth it to tear up your lungs and smoke that nasty ass shit to be high for a lil bit?

    Just save up and buy some nice natural herb

    But i know if you really want to this won't stop you so do what you wanna do
  15. I've only smoked rez bowls. Sorry I can't help.
  16. the papers just gonna burn its gonna be hard to have the resin burn as fast as a paper
  17. I mean i just dont know how to respond to this thread...

    resin? in j form?


    toss it or if you get down with grimey stoner shit put it in a bowl at least.
  18. grimey stoner shit? im not sure why most people dislike resin, sure it taste bad, but shit, just grab a drink or somethign and take a swig after you hit....problem solved. Dude i love resin, The high is completely different then bud. Its hella like. hyper i guess you could say. idk, people need to lay off "resins so fucking nasty throw that shit out"
  19. That's what I'm thinkin..

    I feel the same way.. To me, rez is all the different weed I smoked that week put into one :D

    I love the higih

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