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Smokin a blunt for my boy.....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smilez4257g, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. #7. Vick's the man, n i'm blazin one for ya tonight. Made a mistake but who doesn't. Fu*k the haters, there is farrrrr worse shit goin on in the country, yet the only thing on every channel is Mike Vick. The VP shoots a dude in the face "hunting" and gets no TV coverage hardly. Now this is the hottest story to ever hit tv....people bet on horse racing all the time. Last time I checked, the jockey whips the shit outta the horse all the way around the track basically, people bet on that and there is nothing. You know those horses are getting executed. Jamal Lewis stabs a dude n gets 1/1000th the airtime as this. O.J. didn't even get this much coverage.

    Mike messed up, but the Country wants dudes life to be OVER or something. Give the guy a break damnet, every single person in this country has done stupid sh$%. I'm smokin a blunt for you tonight dog ( no pun intended haha ). I know a lot of you aren't going to agree with me at all but we need to get off the guys balls. All of the media coverage is RIDICULOUSSSSS. Why not talk about gas prices, or the war in Iraq that is accomplishing hardly anything. There is far more important things going on in the U.S. so hop of dudes crotch and go after some real Gangsters....his last name rhymes with Cali KUSH hahaha.
  2. wtf, you're gonna honor a man that diminished all his honor by abusing his animals? Animals that meant him no harm?

    you are not right.
  3. Yeah, I just laugh at people who try to justify what he did. I always say this: if you have to pull out the murder comparison card... you know you're hurting. Dudes a thug man, face it. I even own his jersey and I'll never wear it again.

    Not to be vulgar, but he's just that black ass hood ass dude you know that just so happened to be a freak athletically. Just think about it.
  4. it's not that big of a deal to me.. it's pretty bad but not as bad as people make it seem, if they only knew what really happens out there

  5. Mike Vick seems like a loser, i mean theres dogfighting and then theres killing dogs. Big difference. What he doesnt anything better to do with his money?
  6. I support Vick 100%, i have a feelining he'll dodge some charges. He deserves to play NFL football. that's that/.
  7. nah he's fucked, he plead guilty. he'll be lucky to get 16 months, the judge that has his case is known for very harsh sentencing. and he didn't kill the dogs himself, he helped other people do it so it's still bad but it's not like he was totally the one behind it it just happened to be his property.
  8. Think about it man. He's just some dude that grew up in a ghetto that just so happened to be really fast with a really strong arm.

  9. Well, you convinced me.
  10. I'm a dog lover myself. I've come across some people in my time that have treated their dogs like shit. I've always thought people that don't value the lives of their pets deserve to be treated like an animal, at least as bad as they treated theirs. He can go to hell for all I care. I hope he meets a bigger "buddy" in there to make him bark like a dog, whine and whimper like a little beaten puppy. Fuck em.
  11. Right on Smilez, *****z is trippin over this shit. Shit if i was a ballin ass dude i would bet on dogs too
  12. lmao this wwebsite blanks out the "N word"
  13. ROFL

    so yeah he plead guilty today. In this country you plead guilty when you ARE guilty. Vick... what a dick.
  14. i love my dogs too much, and most all dogs, to see them treated like that...yeah sometimes my lhaso and terrer wrestle, and we happen to pick who will win, but i dont kill the loser...its brotherly wrestling, and neither hurt each other, and normally neither wins..

    but when you start putting money on the table, killing em, and using them as an object not a living thing, your a fucked up would you like it, if there was a superior animal that caged you and made you fight to live, to earn them money...people needs to stop acting like its normal, if thats normal, then we need to re-evaluate people owning pets...

    its not okay...not at all, and it gives a bad name to pitbulls again...pitbulls can be great dogs, and people just abuse the shit out of em until they bite back...

    anyway im stepping off the soapbox...its a touchy subject to me...i love dogs...
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  15. fuck that dude. thats all i gotta say
  16. You can take Michael Vick out the hood, but you can't take the hood out of Michael Vick. Dude is a thug, flat out.
  17. I'm with you man, it doesnt seem like too big of a deal to me either...people go hunting all the time shooting all kinds of animals
    what does that matter? because hes from the ghetto hes a bad person or less important??
  18. funny thing is that actually happened to people, remember ancient rome and the colosseum? those people called gladiators.
  19. how the hell is this dood gonna compare hitting a horse w/ a whip to run faster to drowning fucking dogs that just had to fight another dog like to the death so a bunch of losers can bet $ on it why dont they fight eachother till the death and bet on it that would be much more interesting
  20. it's horrible what he did obviously, but for the sake of sheer football enjoyment i wish they'd let him play. and pacman too. i really don't give a fuck what kind of stuff they do off the field, to me they're entertainers and i don't take them very seriously. they should probably both serve time, but i wish the NFL didn't feel the need to become the moral authority. it's a game. let them play until they're sentenced. what can i say, i just really love football

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