Smokie (not you old school buddy) is Gone

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    Yup, Gone from the one-click smilie spot. Demoted. Reprimanded. Stonie took his place.

    The headliners:
    Smokie = :smoke:
    Stonie = :smoking:

    Conspiracy or Mutiny (perhaps an accidential shuffle)? Inquiring minds want to know!

    J/K, but any chance of his return to the post side one-click Smilies area?
  2. Stonie is forever superior!

    Only because he is more properly aligned with the text. :smoking:
  3. They both looks nice but Stonie looks nicer
  4. He is self-actualization, however that is usually a goal rather than a reflection of desire (ahh, you guys rock, just miss Smokie).

    Demote another we say ( crowd roars, Yea!!!! ), Let Smokie return. :p :smoking:

    :smoke: (Two clicks later :D )
  5. I'll let Rummy decide on this. If she says OK , why not :)
  6. I was gonna edit in an after thought but you are on top of this puppy.

    Couple of thoughts, one may be too much overhead or just a 1k here and there (multiplied by thousands).

    First thought: Sometimes in the strive for efficiency we tend to overlook the experience factor. i.e. customer interface, which Icons get the most traffic. Can we model based on that or are the negatives too great?

    Secound thought ( Damn don't you hate how heads can get distracted, hmmmm).

    Oh ya, perhaps ask our sweet Lady if a Poll would be appropriate or just the server logs.

    One last comment to the King; I am in the field and can greatly appreciate the things you (especially and technically) do to give us this great social opportunity. (2 clicks later :p ):smoke:

  7. Smokie is much more chill. Stoner smile.

    Stonie looks like he's on the closing stages of a 4 day crack binge. He frightens me.
  8. Thank You, I now see it too. :eek:

    Afterthought; Custimizable Smilies display on reply page? ( Work, Work, Work). :p
  9. Smokie got promoted again today, YAH!!!! :smoke:

    Unless it was a boo-boo :eek:.

  10. Dang now he has been demoted again. :( :smoke: ( 2 clicks later).

  11. Smokie bugs me because if you add him at the end of a long sentence or a paragraph or anything that happens to be longer than a couple of lines, he's larger than one line of text so he makes them separate. :smoke:

    It bugs me, because I'm anal. Same reason I rarely use the :laughing: smiley unless he's on his very own line of text. :p
  12. I remember that consideration. :wave: :smoke: ( 2 clicks later) :D

  13. Oh yeah, that's right, 'cause I said that earlier in the thread...

    Well, sometimes I like to repeat myself! :p

  14. Did Rummy change her mind?? This click scroll click adds a lot of time when one posts alot. :confused_2: :poke: :smoke:
  15. Don't think I ever use the smiley menu...I just type out the code...I find it faster that way...:confused_2:
  16. Hmm, that might be a lifesaver. How would I do it for Smokie? :smoke:
  17. : smoke :

    Just take out the spaces...;)

    If you click on more in the smiley menu it gives you all the codes in the popup...
  18. Greatly appreciated. No more click scroll click.
    I am the fool here, :p I looked right past that, went to view source code and realized that wouldn't work from source. :eek: :smoke:
  19. Willing to help out a good blade anytime I can...:)

    Enjoy your new found freedom...:cool:

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