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Smokers with dreadlocks

Discussion in 'Fashion & Lifestyle Trends' started by roady05, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. How long have you had your dreads and do you wash them/ maintain them in any way? I've had my ginger dreads for 9 months and wash them with baking soda and vinegar every once In a while, I love them very much :)
  2. Yeah I have natural grown dreads, didn't mess with them, just let them do their thing, I have beads as well.

    I just get in there with conditioner, I don't really do anything special to them, and they're fine. Dont smell nada.
  3. Yeah mine are natural too, twisted em in but they all came out so i just left my hair to do its thing :).i still have loads of loose hair but i like it, it looks natural and messy. I like seeing the loose hair getting slowly locked up in to dreads too :)
  4. dreads r so hot..I used to want um but I could never pull um off :]
  5. ive had the choice a few times to get them, with my hair being particularly suited for them, but always heard of the smell problem, and Im a reasonably hygenic guy, so always backed out from getting them....
  6. I cant wait for my dreads although ima go with the twist and rip method. I dont wanna hust let them lock up by themselves because i have pretty strait hair and ive seen what happens to them and it just looks terrible
  7. can't wait to have mine! Just wish I didn't have to wait

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