Smokers Wanted!

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  1. You know those stupid Volkswagon ads that say Drivers Wanted? Well, I think I will take out my own ad.

    Smokers Wanted.
    Must have stamina and good lungs.
    Great hours.
    Indoor or out.
    Pay is flexible based on consumption of product.
    Must have own papers, bong, or pipe.
    Police need not apply.

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  2. An early batch of outdoor.

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  3. average size

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  4. 25% was above average size

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  5. Yup, feels like 1/2 a pound!

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  6. im a smoker
  7. Phil, your hired!!! You just have to pass one test. Find the home office and your in!!!
  8. uhh.. give me a hint :smoking:
  9. Western Canada
  10. hey BCgrower, that looks mighty tastey. How about adopting me?
  11. hey brother im in jeaunu
    right arround the corrner
    from BC
  12. BCgrower

    If that stuff is of that plant on your .... drool, one puff would probably kill me. I'm used to desert weed which is pretty good and keeps me goin, met a guy in Williston. North Dakota some time back at a hill climb, he was from some little town northeast of Williston right on the Canadian Border, We traded a few tokes of our weed and his stuff made me forget where my motorcycle was parked,... made me fogret I even had a motorcyle as a matter of fact.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  13. bc know the pic in whicj you're holding 2 buds in you're hand?? how many approx buds like that did you have?'s just they're approx the same size as the ones on my plant and i'm trying to determine roughly how much bud i'll the buds that's on the table the contents of that bag?? if so does it weigh a pound?......Peace out....Sid
  14. sidious

    The Pope smokes?!!

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  15. sorry you've lost me there mate.....the pope smokes??....well i hope he!!....Peace out....Sid
  16. im not dissing your bud or anything bud it dont look that potent to me.. looks like some good mids
  17. sidious

    The comment Y'all can kiss my ring over your av is a joke a friend of mine pulls when he is putting on his all knowing, all powerful act. Comes from the fact that the Pope . Bishops, Cardinels and Monsignors wear gold rings with red stones on their right pinky finger and when an inferior meets his supierior the inferior respectfully kisses the ring of the Superior showing that the superior is closer to god. Catholic rituals are solem affairs, however when my friend and are stoned, stuff like that gets funny. My friend is Catholic by the way and that leads to more hilarious discussions sometimes.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  18. yeah man...sorry i didn't get the pope part of meant it as sauron...the dark lord who made one ring to rule them all....hence y'll can kiss my ring....but i like you're theory of it as im the best (not) so y'll can kiss my ring!!!.....yeah i like that one....Peace out....Sid....after you mentioned that i wondered why i didn't notice that before as i'm a catholic...well i guess i must have been too pished and stoned....Sid
  19. Hey Sidious! The two buds in my hand were from two differnet plants. The buds on the table were from a half pound bag that I have not sorted yet. There are three different plants, 2 from one strain and one from another. Total yeild for the 3 plants was 2lbs, 3.7 ounces. Just a small baby girl. And to Hydro, yup it is a mid to high grade. It was an early withdrawl from the crop and some of the new strains tried this year. When the new pics come of the final harvest, you will see the good stuff. And an indoor show of Hypno, Northern Lights, and Super Skunk are coming as well. And to you Overgrow, my humble acceptance of your appreciation for one of the finer arts in life.

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