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Smokers etiquette.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Thedollylala, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. So if you have a middle man who is picking the weed up for you, whom is a friend for around 12 years. He picks up the weed for you and delivers it to your house. How much weed would you break off for him from a Q? As well as joining in on a bowl once he delivers. I didn't know how much to give and I was super grateful. Or would you have just paid him? I just handed him the Baggie and asked him to break off a piece. I don't think it was much that he broke off when he did. But was that right? I know this has as much etiquette as thanking a host for a baby shower, bridal shower, or sending out Thankyou cards. I'm a lady of the south and I need to make sure I follow proper protocol and make sure my friend/middle man knows he's thanked.
  2. I would say to just say thank you or smoke a bowl with him.
  3. I would say a gram or two as long as you don't think the friend is over charging you or pinching to make a profit.
  4. I think thanking him and packing a bowl to smoke with him or rolling a joint is a very nice gesture, he is probably making a couple bucks as is when he drops it off to you but I don't think you need to go giving him a piece of your stash.
  5. two grams off of 7 grams is a lot... i would just smoke him out.
  6. Depending on your friendship status the middle man might not ask anything at all except maybe to chill for a bit... supposing you are actual friends. With my med card I can go get weed whenever I want, but having money is another issue. Most of my friends are in the same boat so there is no middle man status.
  7. Everyone seems like they are on track, smoking him out or offering him a J if he can't stay is pretty much what I would do. He is basically taking the biggest part of the risk and by smoking with him it gives him an incentive to make sure you get the best for your money if that makes any sense.

    Mastahsparklez says it pretty clearly, It kind of depends on how much of a friend this middle person is. I think if it was a real friend other than a contact just for weed and they just get you some when they buy some, then it might not such a big deal. If this guy goes on trips to pick up just for you then he should definitely get smoked out no matter what.
  8. It's all a matter of perspective. I don't mind sharing with real friends. At the end of the days it's just weed.
  9. you're right, it all depends whether he's a stoner buddy of her or just a random friend.
  10. Oh yea, Im not giving stuff away to just random connects. But considering the op said they had been friends 12 years, a g or so isnt too much for me. I will say though, I am very reserved in who I actually consider a friend, and anyone that I would personally consider a friend would do the same thing for me if I needed it as well. To some extent money is a factor as well, friend or not its a lot easier to give someone a g or two out of a $50 quarter than it is a $110 quarter. I wouldn't even call that greedy, that is just reality. Im lucky enough that it has been cheap or free for me the past couples of years. Its amazing how much more giving people are when you take money out of the equation. Honestly if it were me I would just give my friend a quarter for themselves, but I am fortunate in that regard. It hasn't always been that way though and I can definitely understand where everyone else is coming from.
  11. He's a friend, I dated him 12 years ago, we stayed friends, not super close, but close enough where if I need weed I give him a call and he goes through his people. I know where one of his two dealers live, I just feel comfortable with him getting it. Also the past few times my husband has got it for me through my middle man friend. He's been my middle man for on and off (when I break from smoking) 8 years. In the past, I usually smoke him out, but recently I don't always smoke as soon as I get it. Therefore if I were to break him off some, I needed to know.
  12. I have a really good friend who sometimes cops for me. When he buys for me he usually ends up buying ounces in bulk and getting a deal so I don't comp him. I don't always smoke just when I get my cannabis, but am generous with what I have- I make edibles. If he asks me for some bud I always come through (sometimes I have something he really likes).
  13. I would have smoked him/her out a bowl and given them a couple dollars for gas. Seems fair to me.
  14. I wouldn't give him any. I mean he's doing you a favor. It's not like he's driving across country or his life is at risk lol. I'd definitely smoke him up though. That's all

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