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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by the rainman!, Jun 15, 2002.

  1. smoken belladonna ,smoken belladonna ,dose any body wanta ,dose anybody wanta !man do you got to try this shit ! i trimed some leaf to help her strech out as she goes to flower 15 days and takeing off like a jet dudes !you'll kick your self if you dont try this strain growen in cool temps ,just leaf and it rocks i must be doing something right !worth every penny!and i just got some ak-47 f2's to cross it with ,thats right Hallucinating with a ak-47 !( Hak-47) i like my crosses dudes they do it ! smoken !......good luck tazz11
  2. Ahhh the good 'ol gave stevie nicks song whole new

    With most of the good strains,,,that leaf is the taste of things to come....and usually makes you more eager to taste those

    have fun man,,,(as if your

  3. have you tryed this strain yet dude ! i picked this plant ,well realy out of ten its the only one that lived threw my testing its a bad plant dude ,shes streching bad and i was counting on it its very short and now its streching to give more bud sites !with the leaf spay its working great ! but the buzz is just rocking dude i have worked hard to top it just right and its paying off !its worth every penny dude !good luck tazz11
  4. trust me, you dont want to try smoking belladonna.. and thats a fucked up name for a strain man
  5. yes, i know all about the night shade, dude ,and i named my crosses, what i want ! dude if you dont like what i called it! i wont send you any, !lol
  6. I thought belladonna = Deadly Nightshade = friggin DEADLY?

    I would say smoking poison is a bad idea....
  7. no! there is a belladonna cannabis strain ! not the same thing ,yes! one can smoke night shade but its not very smart it is a pioson and deadly if take in the wrong a mounts ! night shade should not even be played around with in its raw form it is a strong poison! but the belladonna cannabis is a tripy weed and should be smoked slowlyand in small amouts as well i have found it has a flash back high and some times over 3-8 days it has these small flash backs that only a seasoned smoker would know what they are and how to deal with them this is something i found to be true in the last week and dont think this weed should be smoked by anyone young ! if the person that grows it is good at it like i am with my cool temp grow bewear it can be a sight controling drug with trip eye tricks and wavey vision almost like time laps vision, at times this, i can not stress enough is not a weed strain for the new young smoker and even when smoked by some one that has smoked a few years should smoke small amounts tell you know how it well afect you !the high is caught between couch and tripy lsd like in the sight mainly ! so take care if you try this strain ,there are many good strains out there i would rather smoke than this one and i am thinking of removeing it from my breeding stock for just the reason stated here !i enjoy it trip high but as i say i allso find the strain to be some what dangerus at times and that dose not mean the after buzz these flash back highs are 10sec-3-4 mins long and can take you for a short ride with out asking !my over all word ,avoid it! if your a smoker of less than 5 years just my opinion guys ,i have smoked weeds from all around the world this weed strain is not like the cannabis we all know sure we find some kick ass weeds but this one has something the other dont ,i have not smoked it in 2 days and i am still geting small flash backs a few a hour! at times none for 58- hours with no warning!i hope all that read this under stand it and if you do not ask me out right to explan it again ! good luck tazz11
  8. seeds direct!
  9. lol. i wish they had belladonna around here. PA sucks, lol... no really good strains... i'd order some seeds, but i'm still livin' w/the 'rents, so growing's outta the question, lol. oh well, maybe i'll get lucky and meet someone around here who would beable to get some *yeah right* lol

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