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Smokeless tobacco.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by omerta, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Hey what is your choice dip for the smoke? I enjoy a nice skoal citrus, skoal straight, grizzly mint, and redman from time to time when I'm smoking.

    I have also put about a quarter gram of keif in my can once, was a nice buzz during class!
  2. Are you saying that you put a quarter gram of keif in your can... To try to get a buzz from it...? Dude... Dont' do that any more lol.

    I enjoy cigarettes most of the time because dip just stopped working after a while. Whenever I dip Skoal citrus though, I think of the Bahamas :D
  3. I chew anything and everything, but most of the time I'm chewing Grizzly Wintergreen or cope long cut. I love putting a fat dip in after I smoke, that way I can play video games without having to spit (cottonmouth)
  4. "Real Men Just Cope" --Copenhagen. (US Smokeless Tobbaco co.)

    COPENHAGAN FTW! The last time I gave my father a dip of copenhagen, he had this hair brained idea to outrun the town clown, we lost him, but that was the stupidest run I ever had the mis-fortuine of being a passenger in. (he did it for thrills when I said "what the hell, let's make him catch us". He said "OK", and we were out of there PDQ. The fucking po-po gave up after 1/2 mile. :)

    (I don't reccomend doing this. In these days, you'll probably get shot at by the helio unit).
  5. Lmao I do the same exact thing. :D
  6. I dip skoal mint/cherry, my favorite is cope L/C. Dipping and smoking is always a good time.
  7. I tried to stop chewing a little, but when I did I chewed Grizzly mint, wintergreen, straight, skoal citrus, copenhagen wintergreen. Now all I do is snus, and I prefer snus much more when high aswell.
  8. Grizz Green, Your highschool football coach dipped it so why dont you!
  9. Half a can of grizzly wintergreen a day for the past year and change.
    Copenhagen LC when I have money.
  10. Grizzly winter green or grizzly straight all the way baby! Whooo. Haha.

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