Smokeless Pipe (Thoughts?)

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by gullytoker, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Well the other day I was at my local headshop, and whilst looking around for something to buy, my eyes fell across the 'Smokeless Pipe'. So I bought it! I used to have a basic pipe back in the day that was purchased from the same shop, but I let my mate borrow it and long story short, the police are now in possesion of it.

    So have any of you used one of these smokeless pipes? Here's a pic of mine with some typical NZ weed.


    From smoking it a few times, my thoughts are that it's a tad harder to hit and you have to suck harder, but it definetly works as advertised as no smoke escapes, except from my mouth as I exhale :smoking:
  2. Well as far as that pipe is concerned its pretty cool :)

    But as far as that green stuff you call weed you better start a closet grow ASAP
  3. You wanna open it? Looks like a lil baton to me and nothing special. Curious to see whats inside.

    @your bud, maybe its your camera shaking making the weed lookin weird :p
  4. Don't have the camera anymore, but I can explain how it works. The end bit with the nipple screws off, you put your bud inside it, screw it back on then light up and suck the flame through the nipple looking hole. And the weed is all good, it's just the camera lol.
  5. It looks like the metal pipe I have, except that it's an in-line style, other then having the crook at the neck where you load the bowl. And you need a new camera dude, w/ that picture, it looks like you're smoking mexican brown bud.
  6. That coz the weed is outdoors not indoor da homos
  7. That looks like all leaves and stems.

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