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Smokeing on probation, PLEASE HELP!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Alex The Grower, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. Im on probation and havent smoked in about a month and a half. Before getting on probation i would smoke every single day. Been smoking for like 3years straight. I was wondering if I took one small hit of weed out of a pipe will i pass me drug test in 14days? Im 120lbs 5'9
  2. smdh
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  3. dont risk it.
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  4. Don't do it dude. You COULD be fine. But you also COULD get even more probation time, which I'm sure you don't want.
    Just wait it out, man. Risking more probo time isn't worth one more high.

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  5. Will wait it out thanks guys.
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  6. Hey man if you live in a medical state legally you can get your card and talk to your PO about it
  7. I had a med card, weed became legal, and I was on probation for no drug related charges and I was still prohibited from getting high

    Doesn't always work that way
  8. You dont know what his charges are? I'm just saying legally, paroles can smoke. But like you said, depend if it's drug related
  9. Mine had nothing to do with drugs and I was on uas for 18 months because they can make more money when you have to pay for the UA out of pocket

    Had breathalysers too, not alcohol related

    The system is nonsense haha
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  10. My mistakes I read your first post wrong. I thought you said you had a drug related charge
  11. I wouldn't do it man I've been on probation 2 years and smoked a good majority of it. Finally got caught up got wrote up twice. I'm good now only got 3 more months. Just wait man take it from me

    the bud guy
  12. Edit:OP Got his answer
  13. No don't do it, they will make you pee in a bottle,

    then you must do it every week for the length of ur Probation...I seen it too much already

  14. Dude...just wait the two weeks

  15. Just to throw it out there. I had my red card a few years ago in Colorado and I was allowed to smoke on probation.

    Still had to take tests though. However if they don't allow it it's not worth the risk. We all have to grow up and be somewhat responsible sooner or later.
  16. In that boat right now. Don't let anyone make you feel stupid for it. Its easy to tell someone "just don't smoke" when you yourself are most likely high while writing the comment. Fucking hypocrites.

    I'm on probation myself and I smoke 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off because I get tested the last Tuesday of every month. My PO already established there would be no randoms. The entire thing is bullshit man. All it does is turn harmless tokers to harder drugs since they get out of your system faster or cant be traced at all. When I can't smoke I usually trip LSD a lot. Ill also pop percs and xanax. Whatever gets the edge off. So stupid to think I can't just sit down and smoke a bowl which has always worked for me. But hey that's the joke of a country we live in. Its absolute shit. Your best bet is to learn how your body works and go from there. I am blessed with a high metabolism so 2 weeks is plenty of time for me to detox. Not always the case for some though.

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