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Smokeing in a non smokeing hotelroom bathroom, will this work??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MotherOcean, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Hello gc,

    So i need some help tonight. I'm in a non smokeing hotel in oakland, CA an I'm wondering if I go into he hinat handicap bathroom in my room and smoke in the shower with the water running if it will help with the smell and the ample, I don't want to let the fire alarm go off, any suggestions?

    I needs my weed tonight just picked up some dank shit from the blue sky coffeshop!
  2. MAKE SURE THERE IS A FAN. If there is no fan that will suck up the air(smoke) then dont do it. I smoked in my bathroom last weekend without the windows open and no fan but the water was on hot. I thought that would take care of the smell and it didn't.

    Or just go outside.
  3. You can get kicked out the hotel...not cool. If there isn't a fan, go out to the parking lot.
  4. Yea man, I dunno, that pretty risky. Id say window/balcony or something. If not, then yea just go outside. It shouldnt be to much trouble, unless you think you'll be able to do it, I cant really say, Ive done it in hotels before, but always out a window :\
  5. If you set the fire alarm off then your fucked....
  6. Open the window and smoke out of it. Tie a plastic bag around the fire alarm; if you are only smoking a single personal joint, this will work as far as smell goes. Super paranoid, get some febreeze to go.
  7. I wouldent' risk it, just go outside

  8. most fire alarms are heat activated bro.
  9. just smoke straight up in your room with a sploof
  10. empty toilet paper roll filled with non used dryer sheets will take care of the smoke coming from ur mouth (just blow smoke into it)

    but the smoke coming from the joint is another story... stay close to a window and hope your neighbors dont smell it?
  11. Im telling you, they only say its non-smoking because people don't want their sheets stanky. Don't worry about it bro. Blow smoke out of the window and you're good. A smoke detector wont go off because of a few bowls bro. There needs to be ALOT of smoke
  12. A smoke detector won't go off from a bowl or two as long as you're not blowing right at it. Either go to your car, go to the parking lot with a joint or blow out the window with the shower/fan running, even if there's no window if there isn't a smoke detector in the bathroom, a shower/fan wil suffice.
  13. Yeah, last time I stayed in a hotel I was going to do the same thing, but then I noticed that the "fan" in the bathroom wasn't really a fan at all! It was merely a hole that led to an open tunnel kind of. But air wasn't really going up. So then I just went and smoked outside the room. haha:smoke:

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