Smokeing and skydiveing

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  1. M going skydiving in about a month and I really want to get high b 4 to have an epic time good or bad idea haha
  2. Bring a joint and light it before you jump :smoke: can i watch?
  3. That sounds like an awesome idea!! Would you able to smoke on the way up? That way you're high as fuck when you jump out :) Or maybe just blaze hardcore before you get in the plane...

    Although, I can also see this being a bad idea. Imagine getting all paranoid, and you start thinking about if something goes wrong. Hah...
  4. Do it and tell us how it went
  5. ^^ yah that would be sketchy. I mean thats taking the i can fly idea to a whole new level
  6. Man that's a sick idea! do it for sure hahah
  7. I say do it.

    Fuck, I'd do it with you.
  8. What up guys let me tell you it was so sick it was like I was like I was acualy on cloud 9 haha I was two scared to do it alone so I did it tandom. You feel like you are the air not like you are falling out of the sky haha. People should try it its a very cool experience
  9. I woundnt smoke and jump, not for safety reasons but your body will get you high after the experience.
  10. Yeah you probably wouldn't even notice your high once your adrenaline starts flowing.
  11. Just be sure to record your plummet to the ground when you forget to deploy your chute
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    My thoughts exactly before opening the thread lol
  13. I would probably shit my pants if I went skydiving after smoking. :D
  14. that would be awesome
  15. All i can say is make sure somone else is strapped to you that is trained and will pull the chute, last thing you want is a brain orgasm while fallin and forget to pull.

    Does sound fun tho
  16. adrenaline is the best high!
  17. Do it.

    I would do it.
  18. I've used a wingsuit while high

    It makes me super paranoid, but that's because my hands are skimming mountain edges and theres little room for error. Want to try sky diving though, or even base jumping
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    First jump sober. Then if you decide to skydive agian get stooooned before you jump.
  20. You have balls of titanium :eek:

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