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    I just smoked up some for the first time in two weeks, I am on vacation, did a whole shit load of house maintenance, my hands are killing me, sore, cut up, back hurts and the week isn't even half over.

    I am as high as kite. I am feeling soooooooo good.

    I don't understand how a plant can be illegal. It is a weed. a tree that grows in the wild! That is like making the ocean illegal.

    It's funny how we can take every natural resources all day long and think nothing of it, like billions of gallons of oil, we used the water, use the dirt in the ground, pump shit out of the planet that I probably don't even know what the shit is, but, nope...... can't use that plant!!!!!!

    Thankfully the trees/fungus that antibiotics came from weren't illegal, we'd all be dead!

    If people really want peace in the middle east, grow these green plans, roll them up in joints, drop billions on the middle east....... everyone is happy!

    Man, I feel sooooo good. My face is numb, well almost.
  2. I like that part about the ocean being illegal...

    enjoy your high!
  3. Haha I wonder what the wars would have been like if instead of raining down pamphlets countries would rain down Js.
  4. Damn, I was really F'd up when I wrote that :)

    Just buzz'd now.

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