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smoked yesterday, random probation drug test in 3 days?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sleezy, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. anyway, smoked a few blunts with some friends yesterday.. PO calls and says he wants piss from me on saturday. if i drink a lot of green tea u think ill b good?
  2. Nope.

    Substitue bro would be your best bro..
  3. I am on probation and i have passed my drug tests, the day before i have been blazing. Its all about dilution. I usually get up a couple extra hours early, drink 2 gallons of water. Piss at least 12 times before i go in for the test. Always have passed this way.

    water. Lots and lots of this.

    Probation sucks. :mad:

  4. Until you die of water poisoning
  5. No. The only option I see is substitution.
  6. google cola de caballo or shave grass make it into a tea follow directions its what i used for probation i jus got off sept 2

  7. shit i aint on papers no more so yea but you gotta watch out with this tea its hard to know when to drink it to get best results where im from we got these lil mexican stores and a lady told my mom in spanish to tell me how to make it n stuff ill find the paper n post how she said i know u boil it for 30-45 min then drain it into a gallon i know u drink half the gallon at midnight the night before but idk when to drink the last of it
  8. It really depends how long you've been smoking. Cannabinoids can take as little as 2 days to be passed through the urine.
  9. Dude just get the #1, synthetic. Works 100% of the time, or ready clean.
  10. no, you're fucked

    don't smoke weed if you're on probation
  11. Niacin. Take 2 everynight untill the test. you will be fine.
  12. take alot of niacin and lots of water it works best personally
  13. how is it random is if was in 3 days?

  14. Dilution doesn't work, the lab can tell if you diluted it and it counts as positive. I just got off probation and i tried many different ways to detox. None of them really worked. Your best chance is to go get some clean/fake pee, though dilution is always better than completely failing the test. Good luck.

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