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Smoked yesterday - first time effects (terrible) - Depersonalization.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Darkest, Feb 6, 2011.

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    So I've smoked about 4 times the past two years, and never really got too many effects.

    A couple of months ago I had a brownie with about a gram in it, and it took about an hour to hit and when it did, I felt like I just woke up from a dream, and my mind was totally dissociated from my body, really weird. Couldn't focus on TV or conversations, but I spoke totally fine. Went to bed and it was gone, then it randomly came back the next day, then gone.

    I figured it was because I ate it.

    Last night, I had some bong hits of some (what my friend called) weed that will get you high.

    About a minute after finishing, time just s l o w e d d o w n. I said to my friend "this feels so weird." And everything felt so weird and foreign, I can't even describe it! I was pretty normal on the outside but on the inside the silence was just so weird. Then went to my friends for a small gathering, and I remember watching myself pace around the room back and forth, as if the whole room was like a half-pipe, angled like that. Was just so odd, I wasn't even controlling my body, or at least I wasn't aware of it. Nothing felt real, it felt like I was dreaming. Then I layed down on her bed and some people left, and I kept imagining my own bed when I closed my eyes. Everything was just so weird! Eventually it turned fun, and I was all laughy and stuff.

    Then I returned home and went to bed.

    I woke up today and I still felt kind of weird. It's so hard to explain but it feels like I'm just going through the motions. (Saw that was related to depersonalization disorder). But I'm not an anxious person, someone who would have panic attacks. I went to a little family party and the proportions of things just felt so weird, even though everything I was seeing was still normal. I can converse and all that perfectly fine, but when I switch tasks my mind feels like it should still be focused on the previous one.

    I hate it! I keep imagining what if I'm like this forever, and have triggered some condition? I never experience anxiety aside from this.

    I'm not ever planning on smoking again, by the way! (Not that I'm saying it's bad, but it's just not for me).

    I'll just like end up REALLY focused on one thing that I forget everything else exists, or I'll just see the world in a completely different perspective, like it's so weird and displeasing.

    I'm 100% sure it wasn't laced too, as 1.) it's from my friend who always smokes. 2.) my two other friends smoked it, and they were perfectly fine...they even had MORE.

    I'm also sure I have no tolerance as I have never been legit high, maybe that's why? I'm just wondering if I'm going to return back to normal. And it's hard to even explain to people because I can't pinpoint what exactly is wrong, so people can't really help! I feel the need to talk to friends and stay attached to the world.

    I also make stupid mistakes, just when talking I'll realize "wow why can I not fnid the right words" and talking is a task. Though I still react to everything in real life the way I would normally.

    I've looked up many similar experiences on the internet as well, but I'm just wondering what peoples thoughts/advice on this may be!

    My main concern is just this feeling I have now and how long it'll last, as I know I'm not going to actually trigger that legit high again!

    Thanks SO much, all advice and comments are MUCH appreciated, I'm so afraid.
  2. You were just really high.
    Damn I wish I could be like that again.

    Weed for me doesn't make me feel lifted, it's more of a "Reality distorter" I would say.
  3. I stopped reading after reading 6 bong hits. You smoke too much, what do you expect? Take one hit and relax.
  4. Is that like, a LOT? My friend just said it will make sure I'm high.
  5. Haha no man you'll go back to normal
  6. Yeah OP, you'll be looking back at your disassociative experience as a fond memory because it don't last long friend
  7. People react to the herb differently. I smoked with noobs who can smoke bowl after bowl and hold them selves together and have a good time, and smoked with people who are way too high after a few hits.

    I recommend taking a hit or two, then waiting ten minutes to see how you feel. And dont let anyone make you take more hits then you feel your ready for.
  8. Sounds like you got pretty baked.
  9. you have a low tolerance(which is a good thing) and smoked to much and might of had to much of the brownie.

    metaphor----you never drink and then downed a bottle of jack daniels, you would have a bad experience.
  10. Alright then that's good! I'm just really not trying to be in this eerie state long! My friends were like "dude it's been over a day that's not normal!".
  11. Fuck dude I miss that. but dont be scared man after awhile you get used to it and u can control like what ur doin haha. all first timers dont kno what to expect and sometimes freak out like you ;p.
  12. no shit, you smoked too much and you haven't been smoking long enough, you need more experince and you need to stop smoking so much
  13. my first time being high i felt strange or off for a couple days. i remember i was going to go home sick from work b/c i was feeling strange after a day hahaha

    you will be fine
  14. You're just a noob. When I was younger a few bonghits would seriously fuck me up. Still does by the way. Thing is, it's just weed man. Try drinking a fifth of bourbon or something and tell me what fucks you up more. You'll be fine.
  15. dude dont stop just take it easy next time. u have a really low tolerance compared to every1 else. those are the effects of marijuana but u just took too much for your comfort. if you continue you will only get more comfortable and have more fun. ur also overthinking this. the same thing happened to me my second time(watching yourself walk around) but i just thoight it was funny and smoked some more...

  16. yea i miss that feeling... doesnt happen anymore but way back when i first started the next day id feel super chilled and ur mind is just like foggy.

    also i remember that i didnt like it back then but now i do and it only happens on rare occasions
  17. Your just getting too high man... it can be uncomfortable if your eating brownies and ripping the bong when you've never smoked. But one thing I can absolutely assure you of is that weed is not a dissociative. Take a bong rip of salvia (not really, don't do it) and then see what you think dissociative is haha. Your all good.
  18. I wsa like that once, after me and my mates had three bongs, and powered through a heap of hash brownies, it took about 16 hours for me to feel normal.
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    Some people react differently and experience depersonalization.

    Do you feel light headed and its as if your not really there (even though you are)? You know your in control of your body although it hardly feels like it's you doing anything?

    This is a frighting experience and hopefully it will go away. I would stay away from any psychoactive substance or it may come back. Give it about 1 week, if it is still there try exercise or heavy concentration activities (like RTS video games).
  20. When I first started smoking I would feel dazed and spacey the next day. That feeling goes away. I don't get that at all any more. I've heard many other people say the same thing.

    If you don't like it then don't do it, but the things you are describing are just the result of being really high and not being used to it.

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