smoked with step dad, mom finds roach

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bobobobman, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. hey guys

    so yesterday i smoked with my step dad for the first time. ive always known he blazed and a few months ago he gave me a bong, but i never smoked with him until yesterday.

    he and my mom came up to my apartment to check it out. i just moved in with my cousin cause im going to school upstate now. we have a pretty ill pad, but that has nothing to do with the story, so moving on.

    he asked my mom and my cousin to go to the liquor store and get a bottle of grey goose and a bottle of wine so they left and hes like alright dude wheres the bong. im like wattt. hes like we dont have much time so hurry man and he busts out a fat sack. im like oh shit, well my bongs broken but i have my bowl. so hes like thats great, grab that shit. so i run in my room and get it.

    i come out he packs the bowl and we start hitting it. then we started talking about like weed in canada and ny and different strains and shit it was fucking ill. then he wanted to check out my bong so i busted it out and introduced him to the world of roor. he was blown away, i think hell be getting some sick glass now hahaha.

    so were standing in my kitchen hitting this bowl and we hear the door so i ran in my room and threw my bowl in my dresser and we were just like wat up and my mom had no idea.

    so she forgot to get sprite to go with the goose and he was like ahh what are we going to do, so my cousin was like ill drive and go get it and my mom was like well since i still have my jacket and gloves on ill go too. so they leave and hes like, go out to my car i have papers in the center console, dont leave my interior light on.

    i run out to the car get the papers and run back inside. he twisted up a nice ass joint in like 20 seconds, no joke. so we go downstairs this time into this room thats for like storage and shit and we start burning this thing and were like 3/4ths through it and we hear my mom coming back. so hes like you stay here, ill go up and leaves me with the joint!

    i was just chillin i puffed it for a few more minutes and then it was just a roach so i put it out and go up to my room, toss it on my dresser, drop V, and go out to my living room. mom still has no idea hah.

    then i go in my room again and she like followed me in and saw the drops in my dresser and was like wat are these? i was like oh just drops for my contacts, then she saw the roach and was like whats this? and handed it to me and i was like oh... i found that. and she was like ill let this one go and threw it out hahahahah.

    it was pretty ill, ive always been jealous reading the stories on here about everyone blazing with their parents and shit, and now i got it hahahah.

    anyway hope you all had a good weekend! peace :wave:
  2. Cool story, it's nice to have parents who understand, or are at least ok with it.
  3. threw out your roach.... at your crib....... FAIL
  4. whatever, if what happened to me last semester happened to you, your mom would be doing the same shit. im 18 anyway so its not that bad.
  5. well his moms not okay with it. its better to just let her throw it out. if they got into an argument i think his mother would have gotten very very upset. and over a roach? whats the point in arguing. last year i got arrested twice fined once. and suspended twice. the fact that my dad smokes regularly with me(even though i got him started) blows me away. i know my mom use to. but its hard to bring it up with her
  6. damn ur lucky dude. ive always wanted to smoke with my stepdad i just havent found the perfect situation yet...
  7. i think he's saying fail on the mom's part, cause he can just get it out of his trash

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