Smoked with random black guy??

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  1. So I never really started a thread on here before but I knew I had to when I had this crazy event happen today! So me, my friend and his girl are smoking in her room and it was some danky ass nugs so we were pretty blitzed. We smoke by her window and we noticed this black guy all dressed up walking door to door. My friend told me I should answer the door when he knocks just for shits and gigs. When he got to my bro's girls house I answer the door looking like a grinny ***** eyed Mexican. He turned out to be selling subscriptions to magazines and must've smelled the dank on me and asked if I smoke, so of course me not being shy about it say "fuck yeah I light up!" he then asked me if he could smoke with me?? So at this point my mind is pretty blown with how this turned out and I go and ask my friend if it's cool. my friend and I were just laughing our asses off and went back and told the guy to meet us in the backyard! Three minutes later we're smokin a fat bowl with this random ass older black guy! I was so high off my ass I couldn't believe that we just smoked with this complete stranger that goes door to door selling magazines, maybe it was the herb but my mind was blown that it happened and I thought to myself how cool it is that cannabis brings so many different people together. Have any of you other blades had a random ass time like I did? I fucking love bud...:smoke:
  2. Yup, one time I was driving home from work smoking a roach bowl in my pipe. Random black guy next to me yelled and asked if I was toking up (both our windows were open). I said "Yup" and pointed to the bank parking lot nearby. We pulled over and finished the bowl I was smoking.

    Ended up seeing him once after that to match blunts and compare weed. My weed was better so I didn't buy any :smoke:
  3. thats cool bro good story! i love smokinfg with random peoople somtimes its just scary tho
  4. [quote name='"Slilent"']thats cool bro good story! i love smokinfg with random peoople somtimes its just scary tho[/quote]

    Yeah I know what you mean, he was kind of sketchy looking guy but my high got the best of me and made me feel the need to be a happy trusting guy lol
  5. I usually do not smoke in places where it is possible for random people to see that I am smoking, because MJ is illegal.
  6. A while i go i was toking in these kinda wilderness trails and near the end of my session i hear people comming and i get paranoid its gonna be like a park ranger or something and smell th weed but it ended being these stoner highschoolers, asked were the bud at then, they then proceeds to take out there pipe and i take out mine, we take turn hitting eachings bowls and they were chill and everything, that was a nice day
  7. [quote name='"leanpocket"']I usually do not smoke in places where it is possible for random people to see that I am smoking, because MJ is illegal.[/quote]

    I was smoking in my friends girlfriends house...
  8. He probably didn't know anyone that he could buy weed from, that would suck.
  9. i met up with a dude i met on NHL 12, he drove me to our local head shop to pick up my first bowl, then we played some nhl at his apartment and ripped a couple bowls. chill dude
  10. me and some friends almost did this the other day. We were at a really chill spot deep in the woods on a pretty big river. We fished during the day and made a fire when it got dark, and after blazin again this guy comes walking down with luggage and a dog. Turns out he was camping and we went and said hi but he didnt look like a smoker so we didn't ask him to join. We gave him the fire when we left tho!
  11. I've smoked with some random mountain bikers back home from swedish bording school who had a hisi bong in they're backpack.

    I've smoked with some random juniors when i was a freshman, they were smoking out of a can on a trail and i offered to let them hit my pipe.

    In school once i walked into the bathroom and some random kid walked in looked at me and said you smoke? I said yea so he took out his pre packed bowl and we each got a couple hits but the weed wasn't great so it didnt do much.

    I was in a fight with someone on a trail when someone random person started smoking a blunt at the end of the trail watching and came over and smoked the end of his blunt with us after we finished fighting.

    On the same trail as above i matched on a bowl with a random guy who called himself glow.

    At Great america me and some people were hitting a bowl in the smoking section and some guy and his girlfriend asked to use a pipe so we all smoked and he packed hash in the bowl and when we were done let my friend have the rest of his hash.

    I was smoking at a creek down a hill from a trail and some runner came down and said he heard us a knew it was some stoners so he came down and hit our bowl with us.

    I've smoked with a lot of random people.
  12. I was over at a friends house once, and we were all sitting in his living room playing video games and smoking out of his 4 foot bong. Somebody knocked at the door, and he opened the door and I wasn't really paying attention and was in the middle of clearing the bong when a guy selling encyclopedia's was standing there staring at me. It was really hot outside and he was sweating alot, so I just stared at him for a few seconds and then said "You want to hit this next?" He was like why the hell not, and came in and smoked with us for a few minutes. He was a guy in his twenties from all the way across the country and was living with a bunch of other door to door sales people for the summer. It was pretty funny, I was so lucky it wasn't a cop or something.
  13. one of my friends told me a story about when he was at the beach for spring break with his cousins. It was late at night and they had been drinking some beer. I can't remember the details ...:rolleyes: but some random black dude asked them for a favor. They couldn't satisfy the favor, but he ended up chillin with them and smoking hookah. My friend asked early on if the black guy had any weed and he said no, but probably 40 minutes later they're all chillin and the black dude just starts rolling up a blunt. needless to say, my friend had a good time
  14. My best time was walking and chatting with some random hot chick from class at college; Walked her to her car and she started complaining how she wanted to smoke but she had to wait for her boyfriend. So I offered her my weed in my car (if the weed itself was the issue), and she said that she had her own weed in her own car, and her bf just got pissed if she smoked without him.

    Then she invited me into her car to share a few nice bowls anyways. Beautiful sunny day and I had a blast toking and chatting with this beautiful airhead. Then I walked with her back to the school and she sat down at a table to wait for her bf. I ran into the bathroom to piss and thought how funny it would be if she ditched me while a took a piss. I came out and she had vanished. lol Her guy must have been pissed bc she never let herself be available to even chat with me after that. lol
  15. What are the % of white people on this forum....
  16. [quote name='"redlebontheweb"']what are the % of white people on this forum....[/quote]

  17. I smoked a blunt with some guy at a bust stop once. I was standing next to the stop holding my sign and I turned around and he was ripping open a swisher right there and I was like wtf this guys gonna get busted cuz its on a pretty busy street and then he said hed smoke me out if I stood in front of the bus stop with my sign so no one could see.
  18. [quote name='"DEA"']


    I guess I must be a the .2% lol
  19. wanna get higggggggggghhhhhhh.
  20. i smoked a few j's with a homeless guy in atlantic city because he let me use his papers. he was funny as hell. he played music for me and my girlfriend when we were blazed as hell and he bought us some twisted teas. ended up chilling with him all night.
    the night before that we smoked with this gay guy that was with his husband who didnt smoke but he was hilarious. he found us a guy to sell us some hella dank shit (i live in sc and had no connects up there). he rolled us a few blunts in his hotel room and let us in on his bottle of jack and a few brews. that was an awesome vacation.

    i love this thread, let's keep it going! :smoke:

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