smoked with my grandpa

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    ok last monday i go down to my lil cuzs graduation but then as were leaveing my aunt comes up to me and tells me to go help gpa with his appite so im like:confused:then he pulls out his wallet and pulls out his medical card (he has some crazy kind of cancer) so im now like hellz yea let go medicate on the way to his house he sparks up joint and then when we get his house we blaze some more bowls i never thought id ever blaze up with my gpa any one else ever toke with gramps:D
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    If you were surprised by what happened, imagine how he must have felt! Blazing with your grandson, damn what a feeling that must be.
  3. my grandpa's are dead, thanks for reminding me jerk! :mad:

    i joke, i joke. i wish i could :(
  4. That sounds awsome dude!!! Wish i could toke with my Gpa! No medical herbs avalible over here though :( Hopefully soon!
  5. Haha nice bro, my moms my dealer but i still have yet to smoke with her...
  6. I wish, my step father has cancer but I don't think he can get MMJ.
  7. thats cool man Ive gotten caught stealing my mom's 'erb when i was like 15 and she let me keep it as long as i "dont sell it to those dumbass 7th graders". Its nice having family that cheefs
  8. The one grandfather I had is now dead, if he was alive I'm sure I would be smoking with him. I smoke with ma' instead.
  9. Thats cool man! All my grandparents passed away but I smoked with my mother in law my bfs cousin and his sister all at once. It was wierd the firt time but now it's all good.

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