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Smoked with my brother last night!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by wrestle125, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. So me and my older bro are both home from college for xmas. Last night after dinner on the way home I just casually asked, wana smoke? (not the first time i've asked him) he just said na. Then he asks me do you have any on you and I'm like yaaaa buddy lol. I rolled the fattest blunt and we cruised the naighborhood we grew up in listening to good music and it was great. He doesn't smoke much he got so high it was great! Never connected with anyone like that during a sesh. Anyone else think smokin with family is the shit?

    Now I just need him to take some dabs haha that would send him to pluto!

    Merry Xmas Everyone! Smoke Somethin!!!!!
  2. I've made two of my brothers smoke 3-4 times, at first they were against it but they looked it up by themselfs and discovered that it's not that bad as people say it is.

    One of them got really paranoid at first but it all went good after all.
  3. yeah i blazed with fam last night. kicked it n chilled. Family is the shit to smoke with, they fam.
  4. Me and my bro used to blaze it up all day everyday. We haven't in months and I really miss those days. When I get this pay check next week, I'm buying a Q, rolling a crazy blunt, and were getting stoned off our asses.
  5. haha santa didnt drop any bud off LOL ^
  6. I wish I could smoke with my bro, but hes slightly autistic. He doesn't want to ever do it, so I don't push it on him.
  7. ive asked my brother before, but he never wanted to try...maybe when he becomes a senior in high school or something he will see the light haa

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