smoked with mexicans, damn near got stabbed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Big Brick Bails, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. fuckin' animals..

    i was at costco walking inside when i looked over and saw these two mexican dudes in a run down festiva smoking a big plastic pop-bottle bong, so naturally i went up to them and asked if i could smoke some seeing as how i'm broke and the money i had was going towards feeding my new born cat pebbles and my son.

    they let me in the car and i sat in the back seat waiting casually for the bong to be passed, these dudes first introduced themselves as poncho and rameriaz. i told them i was greg and it was a pleasure to meet them, well finally my toke comes along and i absolutely ripped that plastic bong, i milked it and cashed an entire bowl i was proud, but they were not.. they said "homie that was the last of our fucking weed, we can't get that good of weed for weeks!" i was like "poncho, calm down it's just dirt bud" that's when i saw him snap, his left eye was twitching like micheal j fox. he reached into his pocket and pulled out some really long rusty switchblade and pointed it at me. i casually reached for the door and got out and started walking away.

    the one dude rolled down the window and was like "you're dead white boy, you're fucking dead" i said "tell your friend he's named after something you wear in the rain, you fucking pricks" and ran into costco.

    god damn.
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    Lol well thats a delightful way to start off your first post :laughing:

    Edit: Whatd you expect to happen lol, u dont just hop into shitty cars with people and smoke dirt weed... Thats a recipe for disaster
  3. oh shit

  4. i thought it was kush, i coughed a lung out. should've been more aware of what was going on.
  5. So you spend your Sunday afternoons trolling on the internet.. really cool! Pretty sad that this is the way you entertain yourself.
  6. What a bunch of pricks! Why offer if they are going to be bitches about it?

    Did it get you high at all?
  7. You didn't have to be rude about it. You cashed their bowl, then called their weed shit. Let alone are a stranger intruding on a smoke sesh and they were nice enough to let you hit it.. If you smoked my weed what I call "chronic" and it isn't up to par with your standards and you talk shit about it I would probably threaten you too. Not with a knife but you would still be just as scared.
  8. Wow, just wow. You have some balls friend. You ask 2 random guys to smoke their nasty ass homemade gravity bong, finish their bowl in one hit, and then tell them it was dirt?
    If I was nice enough to let some random dirtbag hit my weed, he killed it, and then proceeded to tell me my weed was dirt? I would have shoved that gravity bong down your ungrateful throat.

    The balls on some people.
  9. Damn mesickans & there damn sombreros
  10. Troll

    My brother disconnected the electricity to the modem while I typed out my explanation.

    But this is a troll.
  11. trollllll
  12. SO much fail in this thread - racism and violence always a great combo on GC.

    Consider this a warning OP, racism and violence are NOT topics of allowed conversation here.
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