smoked with dad, he got too high

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  1. My dad couldn't handle my chron :(. He tripped balls.
  2. thats funny as shit but at the same time i feel bad cause, you know, it's your dad lolz.

    id get him food and somethin to keep em occupied <3
  3. Ha did he have a panic attack or just way out there? My mom had a panic attack from a brownie lol
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    Lol, yeah he kinda had some ego death, loss of reality and felt nauseous. He greened the hell out lol.

    I feel bad cuz he did kinda have a panic attack I think. I'll have to get him some reggie reg sometime to try. I feel bad, it scared me at first, I mean its my dad lol
  5. I tried to calm him down with cartoons lol
  6. ahaha yeah usually older adults have that type of problem if they don't smoke too often, vs young adults/teens. I mean sure they could 'flip out' but its different in a way...
  7. Tell'em its alright go outside and chill,Hell give him a bottle of water Lol,Drive around the block or down the street a while,Whats his favorite thing to do?

    Play some video games,or watch some terrence Mckenna and joe rogan type sh*t on youtube:D (Make'm like W.T.F) -.-
  8. He couldn't sit up or hold himself up.
  9. ahhah damn.... i wish i knew what my parents would be like all high n shit
  10. How much did he smoke?

    Because if it's chron as you say, ONE hit ONLY. I feel like it effects older people a lot stronger, especially if they don't smoke at all.

    If he smoked a bowl to himself.....why did you give him that much?!

  11. Sounds like you gave him a bong hash oil rip...

    Man your dad is a SUPER lightweight
  12. Idk xP he wasn't high after we smoked a bowl.
  13. The same thing happened with my mom to, she roasted the bowl for like 10 seconds, all she could say was ' we need more water'. she had cotton mouth like a motherfucker lol.
  14. Rofl. Getting older family baked is hilarious if they are willing and you are the one introducing it to them
  15. That happened to me one time on A 2g firecracker of some medical...... I couldn't hold my head up and ended up puking all over my bed.. :cool:
  16. If he hasn't smoked for long and you have hella good pot, don't be surprised. No need to hate
  17. Yea, definitely that now. He didn't feel anything at all and then bam! I hope he'll love the herb as.much as.I do.
  18. just have him smoke again!
  19. lol i want to get that high
  20. I think that is a classic example of how much more potent weed has gotten over the hears. I have smoked with a few older people and they all have the same results, and say they cant handle it. Honestly, I think theyre right, weed is harvested with a much higher thc ratio these days.. bit too much imo.

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