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Smoked weed once and don’t feel the same. Extremely weird!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by donttryit88, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. The weekend of July 1st I was out drinking the whole weekend. Monday came (July 1st) and I told myself I was going to take a break. That didn’t happened. I ended up hanging out with someone and drinking wine with her. Anyways I’m not a smoker at all. I smoked maybe 3 times in my life. So as I was on my 3rd glass of wine she decided to shotgun me. She did it twice back to back. It was a lot of smoke and the first time I didn’t exhale for like 7 seconds.

    Immediately after I got really high and the right side of my head started burning. I went home after 2 hours had passed and went to sleep.

    I woke up the next day and felt weird. My vision was off, I had a headache, I felt detached from the world. My nerves & muscles felt weird. My balance was off. The right side of my body especially my legs & face felt numb. It was a lot of pressure in my ears. When I would look at something I felt like it was moving or jumping. My vision felt looked almost holographic. And my ears would ring constantly. I felt like I was hearing sounds in my home I never heard before. There was a lot of pressure in my head by the right side of my temple. I felt like my head was cloudy also. I had no clarity. Its pain behind my eyes. And I see afterimages. My eyes are extremely sensitive to light now and they don’t adjust as well to light and dark. The first month of going through this was the worst. Then by week 5 my ears stopped ringing. I started to feel like I got my life back a bit but my vision still felt weird. I still notice after images and my eyes don’t adjust to the sun or light well like they used to. I notice floaters in my eyes constantly and in the dark I feel like I see spots. It’s been about 7 weeks. And each week I feel a bit better but my anxiety about my vision is bothering me still. I’m hoping the afterimages and light bothering my eyes stop soon and go away. The pressure in my head is not as bad as it was. I usually feel it now when I wake up in the morning but then it starts to fade. It’s hard to focus or stare at things. My eyes get heavy around 3pm everyday now and it’s pain behind my eyes as well. Idk what type of reaction the wine and weed caused and I’m trying to push through it everyday. Hopefully it fully heals soon. Going on 2 months now.

    I know ppl say it’s all mental but that’s not true. Wonder if anyone else experienced anything close to this?
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  2. Go to the freaking doctor. First of all no way weed and wine caused this. You sound like an anxious person. Weed isn’t for some people. But coming here freaking out isn’t going to help any one and just make you like foolish. Either you have an underlying medical issue or you need to see a shrink. I’m not sure if this is fear mongering propaganda or what but in what world did you think we would have your answers ?
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  3. Sounds to me like a migraine caused by the sulfites in the wine, I would go see a doc about your symptoms as they wouldn't have been from the weed at all bu the sounds of it. Just saying.
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  4. Did u have or do u have a history of seizures in ur family? I've never heard of weed doing this to anyone unless she put somethin in the weed or ur wine!?

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  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one shocked that you didn't go see a doctor right away.

    Go see a doctor man. This doesn't sound anything like a normal experience and for sure if your symptoms lasted WEEKS you definitely should know something was amiss.

    The numbness and one side of your body being affected would be concerning... but diagnosing over the internet isn't really possible.

    Yes you could have easily overdone it with the cheeba. It certainly does not sound like that's all that was going on though is my opinion.
  6. I think your suffering from major anxiety and paranoia. Any time you convince yourself your parents are not really your parents, something just ain’t right in your head.

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  7. Dude you shotgunned 2 tokes and you think this is weed related lol. I smoke an 1/8th in an hour or 2, ive never experienced this so see a doctor.

    Sounds like anxiety, paranoia, tinnitus and ignorance to your own wellbeing.

    If you know its the weed my advice would be stop smoking if its something else get checked out could be a brain tumour for all you know.
  8. I’m waiting to hear what the chick thought.
    I don’t waste my smoke on any first timers. Last one passed out on my front porch.
  9. All that sounds like my life... (not pot related). Sounds like a migraine hit ya hard.
  10. You have to quit smoking it or learn to arrange your life around those types of highs, but honestly, that may not work you might want to quit.
  11. Sounds like the first time anyone smoked good weed and drank, might not be for you, try some less intense indica next time and less of it
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  12. Let us know once you like cannabis!
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  13. I agree with everyone else. I have been smoking weed for 50 years. I have smoked way more days then I didn't smoke considering I started at 15.

    There is no way you would still be experiencing these symptoms from almost 2 months ago.
    You need to see a doctor. I wouldn't even mention the weed. Let them run tests according to your symptoms.
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  14. Yea that’s what I am doing. If you tell them you smoked they start to just chalk it up as being mental. Granted it’s going on my 8th week and majority of the symptoms have stopped. But I’m still dealing with weird vision problems. Like if I’m in the room at night with the lights off my vision seems jumpy (if that makes sense) and it still doesn’t adjust well to the dark. It wasn’t like that before. I’m not smoking again it’s not for me at all. I’m going to an eye dr and ent Next this week.
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  15. No.. and I highly doubt it was laced
  16. Please let us know what your doc says. And disregard the dolts who make fun of someone like you who desperately asks for help. I see them in every forum of every kind on all topics. Not nice.
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  17. Sounds like myself every Sunday morning after a night of whiskey drinking and chicken leg eating.

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  18. Yea I’m not worried about them.. I’m only focused on what I am going through. It’s really scary and I didn’t think I would be in this situation after 3 glasses of wine & 2 puffs of weed. It’s really unfortunate. Just trying to stay positive and hope that whatever it is, it isn’t permanent (praying) and that the reaction for liquor & weed didn’t cause any type of weird brain damage. I’ll keep everyone updated on what the ENT & eye doc says. I tried to get an mri but no doctor wants to order it cause they say they don’t see reason to. Smh
  19. I was serious when I said I am living all those things, and they get really bad/exaggerated around the time I get a migraine (I get what are called SILENT Migraines.. you don't really get headache pain, but you do get a TON of other symptoms that are just as scary and miserable). Maybe the wine and weed were just the situation to trigger a migraine in you. I never had one until I had a huge Slurpee one night. Had a full primary color light show in my vision. Freakiest thing EVER. Now I have migraines all the time, but I never had that "light show" again.

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