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Smoked way too much

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dankachusetts42, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Okay as many of you know yesterday was the best and national weed smoking day. I smoked about 25 bluntss and even more bowls
  2. my throat is very very sore any help?
  3. have a cough drop and tea or smoke some more
  4. Take a Halls, and tea. Make sure to put a pot leaf in your tea though, it works wonders.
  5. Just so, I usually start everyday with a glass of OJ. I hit a gravity bong a lot so the sore throat thing sorta no longer exists for me. LOL
  6. I hope you took pictures. That sounds epic
  7. Ha ha holy shit, 25 blunts. I'm toasted from 1 blunt xD
  8. i ended up smoking 42 but outa varies bongs, pipes, ect... but it was awsum, so high
  9. 25 blunts, really?

    i know what you mean though, when i got home last night i smoked so much i just turned the tv on nodded out hard on the couch
  10. I know it was 4/20 and everything but 25 blunts is taking it to the extreme. My throat has had it after 10. Next 4/20 get some papers.
  11. haha give me a sec let me post a pic of the second biggest blunt we rolled
  12. The tobacco is horrible for your throat if you're not already a smoker. I love my Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey ;)
  13. What everyone else said...tea, cough drops, and suck on ice that seems to work too

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