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Smoked way too much

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by anon58, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. [quote name='"headie shot"']dude if you smoked a gram and it was your first time....i applaud you sir[/quote]

    right? No fucking way I could have done that. Even now putting a gram of dank through the vape in a single session would be quite out of the norm....hmm....this thread is giving me ideas.
  2. Oh and side note: Marijuana does not in any way harm your brain, make you stupid, or otherwise permanently damage you. Aside from (depending on your form of ingestion) making you more susceptible to bronchial infections and other respiratory illnesses that go hand in hand with smoking ANY material, there are no scientifically proven side effects that would be damaging to your body.

    If I have left anything out please correct me :)
  3. yeah man, ive gotten this too, when you smoke next it will probably happen again. i get like that when i havent smoken in awhile. next time you smoke do not think of how that happened, dont think of the stages that you felt that led up to that, it will make you go back there. the next couple of times you smoke it might come back, but just keep your mind off of it, play xbox, pc, watch a movie? make sure you are either alone or with people who wont judge you, if you get too high and feel self conscious about what the people around you think of how high you got, it might come on again, thats how i get. just keep smoking and youll get past it brutha

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