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Smoked way too much weed? Have anyone else felt this way..?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CH3Mi5TRY, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. After having a joint in the morning, I tried my friend's bong (first time i ever used one) in the afternoon. He said I was toking perfectly - so it's not like i did it wrong somehow.. But after 3 tokes and 5 minutes I was stuck to the couch... It felt like there was a cloud inside my head and it made my vision really weird and caused delusions. I was extremely dizzy and light headed it freaked me out and my anxiety started to kick in. The experience was very similar to laughing gas and ativan while having my wisdom teeth taken out... I felt like i was in a dream within seconds. My eyes were so bloodshot also - but i knew that one was normal.

    But all these feelings hit me so fast and my friends were being so horrible about it - they sketched me out even more and I generally felt like shit for 3 hours until it started to improve.. I've never been under so much stress in my life - at first i was so out of it i didn't really care so much but even moving my eyes would shift the entire room around... I've never been so dizzy and cloudy - i thought i was losing it - especially by the way my friends were looking at me and act like everything was in slow motion. It was a nightmare.

    I should also mention, i have pretty low tolerance to weed so im pretty sensitive to it. I have anxiety disorders but i usually handle cannabis extremely well and i just feel relaxed and hungry/horny but this was another cup of tea. The worst part was, it was all an accident - i had no idea that bong would of sat my ass down the way it did but it scared the living shit out of me.

    I know i was just really stoned - I'd just like to know if other people have felt this way and if so, how do you cope with it? I was having panic attacks constantly for 2 hours, whenever something freaked me out.
  2. Pretty common.

    Smoke less until you're more comfortable with it.
  3. My first time high I was "glued to the couch".... the best explination is the feeling you get when you ride that UFO ride at carnivals, that spins you around so fast you literally stick to the walls. That's kind of what it was like, every force seemed to work against me pushing me to the couch.... and I LOVED it.

    Something about that weed always did it to me, my friend bought off a close friend who only deals the same thing over and over. So every time I smoked with him it was like that, never quite as intense as my very first time smoking! But still nice. I just like to sit and feel my body tingle and crawl. I think it feels amazing... fuck everyone else, true stoner friends let you be who you want to be high, be that munchies man or I'm just going to sit and space on the couch guy.

    Maybe it was the strain? That's what I assumed because it only happened when I smoked with him which was like 3 times including my first time.
  4. When you get like that its good to put on a very slow track and just chill out for a while with your headphones in. Keep it down though, and use nice quality headphones. Set your equalizer to bass-enhance which will help your music sound better with more emphasis on the bass. Soon you'll start to enjoy it. Keep a drink, popcorn and some chocolate with you to have while you chill out and anything you consider 'comfort food'. Think about good times. Have a good time. Enjoy your high! :D
  5. I have eaten muffins that made everything look like its hanging on a 45 degree angle.
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    it's pretty common, one thing you gotta practice is stopping when you know you've had enough. Shit, 1 bong rip could fuck YOU up, it just takes a little bit to come onto you.
  7. idk what the strain was but I smoked a lot and manged to take like 12 steps until i was stuck on the floor for 45 minutes. it was great.

    I then got up and went to the park to go on some swings, was fun :D
  8. youze was just high, if you find it uncomfortable, smoke less next time. Not much else we can say/you can do.

  9. Thanks for the advice everyone. Grasscity has a great community. :)

  10. Yeah! I think we call that the grav-o-tron or something here! But that definitely sums up some of the physical aspects of it. Next time i'll try to embrace it instead of fighting it... Hence i'll be knowing what i'll be getting my ass into IF there is a next time lol.. I'll just stick to what i know for now. :smoke:
  11. besides smoking less, you should also space out your hits more. 3 hits in 5 minutes from a bong with a low tolerance will put you on your ass, especially since it was your first time.

    if you use the bong again, take a hit, wait a couple minutes, see how you feel, and repeat. its easier to judge how high you are when you're patient

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