Smoked very little, Felt very High!

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  1. :smoking:mmm i got like not even a gram of some kb..which smelled like candy, a sweet sensation when i smelled the baggie (got it for free)... but anyways i got home from a movie and i decided to make a waterbong out of an aquafina water bottle, put the stuff in it, and lit upp, i took some pretty big hits, like only 3-4, went to the kitchen and made a sandwich, singing a random song... all of the sudden, a woosh of paranoia, anxiety kicked in and my heartrate increased to like 170-180 beats a min?? i felt like my body was in space, and you know like a teeter totter that thing u go up and down on? and it makes that annoying squeaky noise, up down, up down, but this was replaced with a spaceshipy noise, my body started shaking and then i bit into my sandwich and it tasted like a golden apple, like amazing taste, then i ate like 2 boxes of cereal, 3 things of fruitrollups, and i cant remember what else.. i looked at my tv and it was huge almost like it was popping out at me, everything was like a pop up book... iv only smoked weed like 3 times prior to this, and i have been really stoned, and felt good, but this time, i was uncomfortable... sucked. i havent smoked in like a week im afraid to smoke again i dont want to feel this...
  2. It's a spout of paranoia. Anxiety attack most likely. They suck man, it's almost like the high kickin' in except your body is running on overdrive with all the adrenaline related chemicals spurting everywhere.

    Do you have any family members with anxiety disorders? I know marijuana brought panic disorder/generalized anxiety out within me, it won't create it, but if you have an underlying disorder, it will bring it out.

    If not, then it was just some good bud, if you're worried about it being laced, just buy a piss test and prove to yourself it wasn't for a bit more comfort :).

    Btw. I still smoke up once in a while, except I'm EXTREMELY paranoid of any smoke or scented fragerance, so I mostly make pills, and Green Dragon.

    It's like a permanent worry about my respiration... Anyways.

    Just make sure you mellow out, do whatever you need to do to relax. No matter how real everything seems, just remember its only temporary. Your mind is the strongest drug out there.
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    Dude, it sounds like laced weed, im pretty sure i had what you're talking about before, as soon as you take a hit of the weed you feel a crazy rush of fear, and a bunch of weird shit including the next day having memories of me fighting with people the day before that clearly werent there. (Im an experienced cannabis smoker, so i know what i had was laced, and i smoked it with someone who experienced the same effect, neither of us have a history of anxiety problems) I personally loved the high of what it was, and been trying to find out what drug this might be for a while. Ive ruled out a number of drugs. Any ideas anyone? :)
  4. i really doubt it was laced, having laced bud is so uncommon. but noobs to weed always throw it out there
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    Yes, and I've never had any problems with marijuana ever except that time, and weed doesnt make you pass out after 2 grams, especially when you arent tired. :p Im not saying his weed was for sure laced, just comparing it to an experience of my own, which clearly was.
  6. When I first started smoking weed I use to get like that, its normal man. You'll get use to being high and everything will feel AMAZING.:smoking:
  7. im pretty sure if i smoked 2 grams to myself of some good shit i would pass out. id be too stoned to move and then id probly just fall asleep
  8. Smoked weed for years before that incident, but i guess its pointless to try and describe a high in detail that you dont know much about, especially on the net :)
  9. yeah, the first time i smoked by myself was at home, and i kinda freaked out too.
    i read your other post, i didnt go to a hospital, but i was convinced it was ....... haha.
    now i smoke all the time and i know that that was just a noob thing, but every once and a while i get nervous, but all you have to do is keep reminding yourself everything is cool and your realllly high :D and don't think about this next time you smoke or youll be worried it will happen again and youll convince yourself it will, and it will.
  10. Cause you know no one here understands being high:rolleyes:

    Seriously that is a natural occurrence has happened to me twice, both times good shit, and smoked a good bit. Everybody has had one experience like this for sure. Maybe not to your extent...but I lost myself in a shadow when it happened to me, I became paranoid and afraid.

    But I mostly have an awesome high.:smoke:
  11. I had that once. Smoked so much I was paranoid my heart would stop beating (for no reason) and spent half an hour hoping it wouldn't just STOP...... After that I was fine, smoked some more in fact.

    I isn't laced with anything. Something like that happens to every smoker some time in there lives.
  12. May have experienced a psychotic episode. Marijuana is known to bring out other illnesses people have. For example if you have an underlying condition of schizophrenia and it hasn't developed yet, smoking marijuana will increase the risk of that disease developing or coming out for short periods of time (episodes.)

    People can deny it all they want, but its just what drugs do to the human mind.
  13. is it strange that i want some laced weed? come on man, my dealer hooked me up wit free drugs and weed... laced weed is bullshit, a myth....anywho, i used to get paranoia like alot, but fuck it, wen i get them i just know im extremely high and embrace it... :D.
  14. not meaning to gravedig but i wanted to update on the weed i had, it was infact laced, with pcp, the little amount taken from me was sent in and tested and tested postive for pcp...just bad luck is all haha.

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