..smoked up yay

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by boredjim8, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. so on way to tech school (i leave normal school half way though day get a ride to a diffrent school) we went to a kids house and hes on probation and ut is not till 330 SO HE couldnt toke but me and this other kid and a girl got to smoke his weed (kid on probation) free .. was akward him not tokin but he had a huje joint left for himself left us 2 bowls from the g and said we could have it ;D
  2. Oh so you mean: I smoked up!Yay! haha I thought you were talkin about smokin coke. Well hey thats cool man, the best kind of weed is free weed:smoke:
  3. haha thats what i thought to...nice job on the free weed
  4. haha nice man, gettin smoked up is fun. As long as you return the favor
  5. That's awesome man, I love surprise free sessions. Remember to be a good stoner and get him back. :D
  6. I thought he meant yay too. NE good tymes free schmoke. JOE>
  7. haha its hard to smoke him up cause of his probation he only does it once a week if that after hhis ut .. but ill give him some $ or food
  8. just remember he did that, he is not on probation for the rest of his life so you could smoke him up mad after probation.
  9. yeaaaaaaaaaaa:hello:
  10. eh dont even like the kid too much so w/e hahaha ;D

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