Smoked up at work- awesome surprise!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Blaze_It_Up420, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Ok, so as some of you might remember I work as a park ranger at a local park near my house.

    After 4pm, since its so late in the summer, I have no work to do but to drive around in the truck and chill. All my bosses/other rangers leave at 4 as well.

    So I'm driving the truck back to the office and I stop and look down this stretch of grass we have cause I saw some people about 50 yards away.

    I could have sworn they were passing a joint! I walk over to them and they hop up quick and start to me.
    A girl yells out " we didnt know we werent supposed to be here".
    I say back, " no its fine,im just walkin around bored."

    When they get about 10 ft away, I realize the guy out of 3 girls is this kid T, who is friends with my friend C at college. He talks to me and tells me how scared they were cause they were smoking.

    They offer me a bowl and I accept so we walk in the woods and blaze a bowl.

    Nice surprise while soo bored at work.
  2. beauty story.

    If I was a Ranger Id just patrole the outskirts of the woods and blaze bowls :smoke:
  3. I too am a park ranger at a park near my house, and I've blazed a few times while working. It's great to relax with a j, makes the rest of the day go by so much easier.
  4. man that's awesome. a perfect job to get blazed while at work. I wish I could, but I work at Fry's in the produce department, and I probably couden't pull it off because of all the customers I talk to, and all the cutting I do in the back. i'll probably end up cutting my self or doing something stupid.

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