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Smoked two bong hits, how long will it be in my Urine.

Discussion in 'General' started by B420Grant, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. I smoked two bong hits last Monday night. I am 5'8" 145 pounds and have been drinking water and jogged twice with a trash bag then tshirt and hoodie. Very high metabolism, you guys think ill be good?
  2. Got a drug test this Thursday at 9 am.
  3. Well one hit stays in your system for a year so you're basically fucked
  4. Lol I have googled quite a bit and have had my experience in smoking and know that it will not stay in my system for a year. And I have not smoked prior to this for 7 months.
  5. ^Lmao.

    Drink lots of cranberry juice or water. You should be good.
  6. I hope so. I'm going to get an at home drug test kit to be sure. im gonna have nine days and some change about 223 hours
  7. itl probably take about 225 hours
  8. Try doing things backwards from now on. Asking first can usually save you a lot of trouble.
  9. your good man
  10. why the fuck do people do this?
  11. ^

    Fuckin' right?

    Knew this one girl, she used to be in our group of friends but we got sick of her... anyway

    We were doin' knifers, and before that she told us that she had a drug test the next day, so we took it that she wasn't smokin...

    Anyway she got up to take a hit and I'm like 'arent you taking a drug test tomorrow?

    She goes, 'yeah, but I'm gunna drink fruit pecten"

    I was just like :rolleyes:, whatever man, that's not a forsure thing..

    She started chewing me out, the next day we were drinking at a friends house and sonic calls her....

    She failed. Ahahah, I tried so hard not to laugh.

    Anyway, you have to go to the extreame, know you have a drug test? Don't smoke, drink water, excercise, liquid jello...DO EVERYTHING!
  12. You should be fine after 4 or 5 days. I have a fast metabolism and I've done this before.
  13. You're sugar coating...
    Don't listen to this guy, he'll get you caught for sure! It stays AT LEAST a year.
  14. [quote name='"Delluhsion"']
    You're sugar coating...
    Don't listen to this guy, he'll get you caught for sure! It stays AT LEAST a year.[/quote]

    :laughing: no man, you got it wrong...

    It stays in your system at least two years then it starts flushing out :eek:.

  15. It's in yo spine fo lyfe

    Nah, kidding

    Find a sauna. Sweat that shit out.
  16. A few days.
  17. You will fail the test and then be executed.
  18. its most likely already out but 2 bongs rips would be below the 50 nano whatever to start with anyways

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