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Smoked too much

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Wiggins, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. I recently had a pretty bad smoking experience. I don't usually smoke much, but on this occasion I decided to smoke a lot. I smoked 2 tight bowls out of my water bong, which is a ton to me. The stuff I have been smoking lately is also probably the best I have ever had.

    About 10 minutes after smoking, I was extremely high. Soon, I was so high that I started to get really dizzy. I would get into trances and snap out of them and just feel really sick. I decided I should try and eat something to get the high to go away faster. I ate a can of some very good peaches. Not feeling any better, I decided to just watch TV on my bed. About to lie down, I felt myself start to throw up. Everything that I ate within the last few hours came up, it was pretty nasty. I collapsed on my bed and half feel asleep half pasted out. I woke a couple hours later feeling slightly better, but still quite dazed.

    Did I just smoke too much :confused:
  2. Possibly.... a similar thing happened to me. I picked up an 1/8th of these mids (that didn't even really look all that great.) Made a firecracker with a little bit of it and I was high off my ass for over 8 hours and was still woozy in the morning after I woke up (mind you I ate them at 4pm.... passed out around 12 and slept till 7am.)

    Also smoked a blunt between 3 other people of that stuff a couple nights before and I actually began to feel nauseous, wtf? I thought weed was supposed to suppress nausea?
  3. its possible you got some laced weed, a few years ago I got a bag of weed from a buddy, most powerful stuff I've ever smoked. really intense high, come to find out the next day my buddy laced it with Meth... I wasnt to happy when he told me.

    I'm not saying thats what happend, it could have been some uber dank you smoked :hello:
    some good ways to get rid of youre high

    1. Shower
    2. Sleep

    thats all I can think of now...
  4. Yes, you smoked too much. That has definitely happened to me a few times, especially when I had just started smoking. LOL, at 4/20 last year I smoked like 3 blunts with some friends and had a bowl of Northern Lights (greatest shit Ive ever seen) and I felt like I was on fire and I was incredibly couch locked and I just felt sick.
  5. Exact thing happen to me and someone told me its cuz i was smoking on an empty stomach. I doubt your shit was laced, you probably just smoked too much.
  6. You definitely smoked too much, especially if you smoke infrequently and haven't built up much of any tolerance. It happened to me the second time I smoked. I got REALLY high, went for a car ride and the vibration upset my stomach and I puked my guts out. However, about 20-30 minutes later I was feeling okay again, though still pretty spacey.
  7. Yeah that happened to me once, my mom was going out for the day (this was back in the day) and so I was supposed to see my dad around 6, so I started smoking a gravity bong at like 11, and after I felt done, it sort of came to me, I can smoke more, haha, so I did, and I just felt sick as shit, so I tried to eat and take a shower to sober up a bit, and I threw up and I couldn't go out to dinner cause I was pretty close to passing out, and after all the work I put into cleaning up before mom got home, I managed to leave a baggy out in the kitchen, and got caught, worst day of my life.:(
  8. Happens to me whenever I possibly can make it.
  9. it just sounds like ya smoked too much. keep on tokin and youll get a tolerance and then getting that high will actually be fun. :hello:

    but i have heard of people gettin sick because they smoked entirely too much bud. i dont really know the scientific explanation behind it, but im guessing that your body couldnt really cope with that much THC and it tried to dispose of it the best way it knows (throwing up).

    but like i said, in a few months of smoking youll be able to enjoy getting that high. and a few months more, even higher. etc, etc, etc..

    peace, man. :wave:
  10. yeah one time i was smokin with some friends..and i smoked a lot because my girlfriend was out of town so i could do whatever i want...and after about 3 tight bowls..i couldnt move and i felt really sick....did i just smoke to much too or what?
  11. I was smoking schwag from the ditches of louisiana mostly, and a buddy came down from KC with some beautiful buds, he said it was g-13 or something like that. All I know is that we passed a joint of that and a joint of some mids he brought and I started getting dizzy

    then I puked

    then I felt fucking awesome

    Vertigo wins
  12. If he got some laced shit he wouldn't be thinking "wow I'm really high" he'd be thinking "hey, what's all this skin doing on my arm" and scratch 'till he bleeds.
  13. sometimes you can just get so high its like uncomfortable but i still love it haha
  14. +rep for the FG refrence :ey:
  15. Haha, the classic "U GOT LACED WEED MAN!" You can get uber dizzy with just weed, no need for other things...

    Sleep will help to a certain extent, I remember going to sleep and waking up 4 hours later to go to work and being High as a freakin' kite.

    Showering doesn't do anything, it's all psychological, the moment you'll leave the shower the high will be back.

  16. the FIRST time i ever got high explains similar to the first entry

    my first time was with my ex...she was a pot head...we BOTH were highly intoxicated...came back from the club
    i bought some purp kush for my dad (has brain tumor)
    and she was like come on babe lets just smoke it...just try being drunk said ya your right! lol

    everything was good, hit it out a water bong just 1 bowl, tightly compacted....about 15 mins goes by...and i just got a slight head change so i was like haha i like im some fajiatas shes already high as shieeet....and im watching a commercial and i was dazing out...the moment i realized it and was like wtf...i got intense dizyness...i could see straight everything was massively burred....i couldn't remember i was blacking out...i could hear everysound in the room and neighboring room, when my girlfriend tried to concole me the best she could...her touch became like hot metal pressed to my intense....

    so i went and laid down in bed....i rocked myself to sleep, because it was the only thing that felt right. My sense of time was bizzarley off...i thought a few days had passed...

    almost threw up...TRIED TO...but couldn't just slept it off...slept something like 16 hours....

    my first high, has been my worse and heart was beating to it seems i can control it better....that i built up a certain type of tolorence i guess...anyways i do have to say that has been some of the best weed i've ever had lol

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