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Smoked too much?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by K1ngkaos, Oct 30, 2015.

  1. #1 K1ngkaos, Oct 30, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 30, 2015
    Hey guys, so i was hitting my bong and didn't feel any high for about 5 mins so i decided to take hit after hit of not feeling high, and then i realized i smoked too much, i am having a panic attack because the weed was too strong, i feel waves going around my legs and things are way too much altered, is there any way i could snap out of this bad trip?

    (this is not a joke either, i'm tripping BALLS right now.)

  2. Hey bro that has happened to me but also a flush of thoughts appeared in my mind all at once it only lasted about 15 mins max though and it really scared me off weed for a little while and maybe within a month I got bad anxiety and had a few panic attacks but now I'm much better than that I find smoking weaker stuff helps you don't miss out but you don't freak out again I try to steer clear if high thc weed now because of that bad experience
  3. yeah it's been 2 hours and i'm still pretty high, but its getting a little positive

  4. You will be right just drink water and try just relaxing j know it's hard when your freaking out but I recommend taking mega b vitamin bs and magnesium tablets read up on magnesium especially it could just be your low in magnesium alot of people are and don't even know it I recommend look it up now it might even make yoy feel better the benefits of magnesium i know I feel much better on both that's tablets because there calming
  5. alright thanks man
  6. Your welcome I know how you feel beleive me I shit when it happened I just couldn't basically comprehend it at first but you learn about it also look up relaxation techniques aswell just in case it happens more often
  7. yeah i just took anxiety pills and i'm having a pretty good high right now.

  8. anxiety pills take a lot longer to do anything...
    your freak out was not due to 'overdosing' on pot, you just panicked out of fear from all the bullshit reefer madness propaganda against marijuana you have been programmed with since birth...your being calm within a couple of minutes of popping anxiety pills is your best clue. (psychosomatic effect..)

  9. Weed can be powerful, i love when i have highs like that.
    Dont rush yourself into getting high, sit down relax and toke.
  10. during the trip, believe it or not, i didn't have any paranoia, i was just freaking out because everything was so different and it was so weird, when i was typing the thread, it actually felt like my fingers were extending to the keys and the keys were wobbling while the ground was moving in a wavy motion, and once i checked my eyes, they were literally blood red, it was just a terrible experience mostly due to the fact that i was not in control of myself and so i just took anxiety and sleep aid pills, had to ride it out for 3 hours until going to sleep

    oddly enough, the next day (still felt high, had 3 hours of sleep bc of school) i didn't feel any anxiety at all, usually every morning in first period it is a struggle for me (i'm diagnosed with anxiety and i have a strange phobia with high ceilings)

    but i didn't feel anything, it didn't feel like my stomach was lurching like it does everyday

    so now i know i had a good deal lol, the weed looked like shwag but the high was fucking intense, i'd say it felt like it was almost close to and LSD trip, without the visuals, and i smoked about 2 small nugs, although they were very dense and had lots of trichomes,

    But i can say that i've learned a really valuable lesson, not to smoke as much next time.
  11. Literaly sit down in front of your Xbox and play a game and you'll completely forget about all of that

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