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Smoked today

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 1595123zz, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Turns out my bud couldn't get a blunt, so he got a few joints instead. He bought 6 grams and rolled it all.

    I inhaled correctly, but for some reason, I didn't get high.. :mad:

    I smoked about 5 grams, but all I have is a mild headache and no high. Maybe it was the quality of the weed.. :confused:

    Ah, whatever, it was free anyways. :)

    Since I didn't get high, he's picking up some AK47, which I'll be smoking on Monday. :D

    PS: It was my first time.
  2. Maybe it wasn't weed, unless your friend got high. I would be shocked if you actually smoked 5 grams and didn't get high. That's pretty shocking.
  3. Dunno, quantity might be incorrect or you might just have a rediculously unheard of natural tolerance. Other than that, it wasn't weed.
  4. Wait, he got 6 g's but couldn't get a blunt? You mean blunt wrap? 6 g's between a few joints, holy christ they had to be huge and you smoked 5 g's and your friend only bought 6 g's? He is very generous.
  5. Maybe he smoked 5 grams of hemp? haha. Foreal though man, you shoulda got ripped off 5 grams.
  6. We didn't have any rolling paper so we just used bible pages, lol.

    And I dunno, most of the stuff is leaves. :confused:
  7. leaves? Youve got some research to do :rolleyes:

  8. Yeah, it looks like leaves. I just searched up 'schwag' on google and it looks exactly the same as what I smoked, except that it's not broken into pieces.
  9. But still, damn you smoked 5 grams o dat shit
  10. lol smoking 5 grams of anything should get you high
  11. :cry:
  12. Sounds like really bad shcwag IMO

  13. Yeah, I think it was really low quality.. :(

    It had no taste, the smell is pretty bad, and it's all brown and leafy. I got no high and only a mild headache.. such a let down. :mad:
  14. The nick bags I was picking up were pretty decent mids. I got lucky :D
  15. Go to the stash jar (its like two clicks away) and look at pics of good bud. If it doesnt look similar to that....dont smoke it.
  16. Did I mention on the last time I went to pick up I was approaching the corner and I see a cop pull out and 2 other cop cars with their sirens on drive off. I talked to a dude in the parking lot and he said the place just got raided. :eek:
  17. If it was one of your first times smoknig, thats expected not to feel shti.

    It took me 6 times to get my first " so fucking high" phase!!!!:eek:
  18. No pickup tonight.

  19. It's definitely nothing like any of the good stuff.

    Everyone I know that smokes in my town always has these brown stuff, nothing like the ones in the stash jar.. maybe I'm just meeting the wrong people, hah.
  20. Sig worthy ^ :D

    If its yer first time, don't worry, try it at least 2 more times and if you still don't get high, then you are immune to weed.

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