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Smoked today, passing a drug test tomorrow

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Hedberg, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. I have been smoking daily for over 2 years through today and am getting drug tested tomorrow for my probation. I bought the 32 oz STRIP detox masking drink and am wondering if anyone has experience using these types of masking drinks while smoking daily up through the day before a test.

    I have read up on drug test passing methods and am fully aware that it is foolish to smoke up to the day of my drug test, I just a
    looking for anybody has experience with the STRIP cleansing/masking drink sold at GNC and online.
  2. lol good luck man. Report back with results
  3. Sorry to say this broski but unless you get lucky and can dilute the results your fucked.
  4. im kinda sick of these threads of people going for drug tests and smoking the day before. theres no quick fix to get it out of ur system u have to wait DAYS/WEEKS. but to asnswer your question ive heard that all those detox drinks don't do anything.
  5. the best thing to do is bring a bottle of someone elses pee that you know is clean then when u go to do your sample pour it in a voila ur clear
  6. I bet the original poster wishes he asked this question a few days earlier now.
  7. lol yeah

    I stopped smoking because I know I have a drug test coming up, it's not that hard tbh
  8. @ koopatroopa33

    thank you, common sense there
  9. Ha yeah it's been a month now and I can't wait to get a job so I can toke up again, Hopefully my tolerance went down a lot.
  10. My friend had a drug test yesterday and I was at court with him because of an unrelated misdemeanor and when he went to take his test they said they trust him and he didn't have to take it, haha. He was clean over a month anyways but it's funny regardless.
  11. ahaha your tolerance would of gone down abit but you deffinatley will pass your test beign a month sober well done :D. what job you going after?

  12. LUCKY kid hahaha
  13. that means he could of been blazing that month ahah :D
  14. Anything at the moment, hoping to get a computer repair job or a administrator job for a small company.
  15. nicee man. good luck :)
  16. Thanks bro

    i just got my MCP ( Microsoft Certified professional ) certification on the 2nd and I've had my A+ certification for a wile now.
  17. ohh well done :D, i heard theres some good money in computer repairs
  18. Yup but apperiently I'm throwing my life away because I smoke pot :p stupid propaganda
  19. ahahahah so true :p

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