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smoked the fattest j with a native american and went on the trippiest hike..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by acrosstheuniverse, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. so i drove to northern AZ to hike and took a tour through a famous canyon (Antelope Canyon) and had a 1.6 joint rolled. i was smoking 5 minutes before the tour and one of the Navajo dudes came and matched with me and we hiked through this insane canyon it was the best high ive probably ever head


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  2. thats so fuckin tight wow
  3. haha sounds awesome man :smoke:
  4. The Navajo makes the story 1000 times cooler haha
  5. Thats awesome, really cool picture too
  6. hella jelly
  7. Hella hella jelly
  8. dude,there WAS no native american, you just had some dank!
  9. Lol seriously man, I was just imagining a guy like this coming out and matching with him:
  10. Native American stuff is fun high...people/activities/convo, etc.
  11. Fucking awesome!
  12. Thats awesome dude. At work one time an old native american guy lives next to out old shop and he cane over and gave me and the black dude with us a joint a piece and then smoked a third one with us right there in the shop. He told me white people cant grow weed as good as native americans. I beg to differ on that one though lol.
  13. If you were born in america, you're a native american. :)
    Those canyons would be awesome... I always wanted to go there.
  14. Haha that's awesome and a 1.6 j sounds really big. Hahah and indian native comes up to you and matches.. odd shit
  15. Shit that looks amazing
  16. wow that looks so awesome, sounds awesome as well. I'm extrememly intereseted in native americans as i'm 1/8 Cherroke. Used to also go looking ot indains arrow heads with my dad in feilds and shit after a nice plowing and rain storm!
  17. killer spot dude
  18. that is the answer to the "best smoke spots" thread

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