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Smoked some purps yesterday and need something answered

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by joe250, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Well yesterday was the pacquioa and marquez fight but I got kicked out of the house and went my kick it with some homies. Before I got there we smoked 2 junts of some dank and got cross faded off some captain morgan (it was a gallon but of course we didn't finish it) When I got to the house they had purps and they loaded it to the bong and we passed it around. I examined the bud and it had like dark purple leaves all of the bud.

    I was so crossfaded, The high I got was so weird and crazy. It was like shrooms but I could understand whats reality and whats not reality. I was really messed up bad.

    Was it really just purps that got me that messed up or do you think it was laced.
  2. i think you were drunk imo
  3. it was prob just the combo of the two types of weed you smoked and the captians. You had a whole spectrum of highness goin on
  4. First, just because a bud is purple does not make it "purp" or "grape ape" or what have you.

    It just means the buds were shocked with the cold during flowering so they got hypothermia and turned purple, which hurts potency (albeit slightly).

    That said, it sounds like you got the spins, nothing to be too alarmed about.
  5. Purpleness is from when the bud is harvested/what lights are used at the end

  6. I'm not that alarmed just haven't been that fucked up before just from alcohol and bud.
  7. there are purple strains you know? it can be perfectly grown bud that is a purple strain, OR it could be a regular strain that was exposed to cold temperatures.

    either way, bud being purple does not make it more potent, that is still down to how well it was grown.

    OP, just sounds like you were pretty drunk as well as high, or 'cross faded' as you put it. nothing to worry about, if you didn't like it maybe stick to one or the other next time.

    happy toking :bongin:
  8. I'm aware of the strains, but just because a bud has genetics for purple, does not mean it will turn purple without hypothermia.

    I was just trying to express that purple nugs do not indicate a "purple" strain, and a "purple" strain does not necessarily mean the nug will be purple.
  9. Purpz yo.



    Kickin' it with my homiez.


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