smoked some avkward shit

Discussion in 'General' started by CHRONIKKKK, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. ok these 2 fenz had a J and i was like fuck ima blazing too .. so they pull it up and light it up i take 3rd and 4th hit but ... it tastes like shit like i was liek wtf yo thats not weed.... these ppl were like yes it is its weed .. i styl blazed with them thinking its prolly either really bad weed or really good weed .. i have no clue if it even was weed cuz i didnt see it i only hit ti and it tasted avkward .. then i left the session i was sober as fuck and then i was liek fuck what if it was opium or some other shit so i waz like fuck it ima skipping 4th .. then i go home and on my way home i felt highish and was like wtf that was not weed .. i usually get highh as shit of that much .. then i thot it was psichological cuz ma brain thot it was weed .. btu thats stupid isnt it ? so wtf was it ? did ma frenz get like ripped off haha ?
  2. Just by the way that was written I`m expectin you not to last too long here. :wave:
  3. Sounds like you were smoking weed that isnt as potent as what you normally smoke.
  4. Your post seems to indicate that it was meth.
  5. HA



  6. ROTFLMFAO!!! STOP!! YOU GUYS ARE KILLIN' ME!! :D :smoking: :D :smoking: :D
  7. er, tobacco :smoking:
  8. meh spoon es too big!

    mmm stoned... :D
  9. mah anus is bleeding, for the love of god and everything holy, my anus is bleeding!

    so an i:D

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