Smoked some Afghan hash with some cool ass Bosnians

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by zoolander, May 26, 2009.

  1. Yo guys I'm in Afghanistan right now working as a contractor. I was at a different base hanging out with a guy I know, and he had these two Bosnians there helping him set up an antenna. One of them caught me looking at some hydro equipment online and he was like hmmm what you lookin at! Then he proceeded to tell me about his little garden he had back home and we bullshitted about hydro equipment for a bit. So then he asks me, have you tried the local stuff yet? And I'm like no I don't have a hookup. Then he took me out back and showed me this big ass chunk of dark brown hash as big as my thumb! :eek:

    So then he's like why don't you come with us when we're done and we'll smoke! LOL are you kidding, fuck yeah lets go! Dude rolls this bomb ass, I mean perfect joint (more like a cigarette really) with hash + tobacco mixed in and we blazed. Sat around eating some kinda of Bosnian smoked sausage and listening to techno. Then when I left dude gave me like a gram to take home with me!

    I stayed stoned for days. Best high/stone I've ever had. Totally clear headed and clean high, complete sense of well being and happiness, and just the perfect relaxed feeling all over the body that lasts hours and hours. Like the kind where you go to sleep and wake up the next morning still feeling all relaxed and peaceful. I wish we had this kind of shit back home! Next time I see that dude I'm definitely gonna try to pick up some for myself. Dude probably only paid like $5/gram for it!
  2. shit, if he had a garden he probably didnt pay anything for that!

    but thats really cool man, be happy you found a generous person willing to share and let you see their garden.;) Id return the favor somehow, i dont know what Bosnians enjoy..:confused::confused:

    every race enjoys their liqour. Buy him a bottle!:D
  3. Naw dude his garden was back home in Bosnia. I didn't get to see it. The hash is local stuff, real Afghan hash. I have never seen hash before in person, it's hard to find where I'm from. :smoking:
  4. yeah ive only smoked bubble hash, we put it on top of say, half a bowl in a decent sized spoon..put on a nice fat shred of it.

    boy..we were both so stoned, like giddy school girls, and my vision felt really heavy and delayed minorily. lol fun times..def worth it. Grams were going for 15-20 bucks, and i fucking missed my chance to get my own:(:mad:

    oh well, it was worth it..usually one full bowl to the face just gets me alright..but it was a half bowl between two everyday smokers..hash had me KEYYYYED/:smoke::smoke::hippie:
  5. great suggestion, id do this.

    OP your story was great, made me yearn for some hash :F

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