Smoked so much I fainted. Funny story (Long)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Ehaze420, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Hey GC!
    So last night me and 3 of my best friends decided to get a little smoke session going.. So we go to pick up the bud about 20 mins away from my bois house. I don't like having bud in my car because cops are just dicks where I live and will search ur car for no reason so I put it in this spot where no cop would EVER find it. So we get back to my buddies house and chill for about an hour then decide to go out and toke up and then see a movie and eat. So we all go out to my car to get the bud and the blunt wrap but the bud isn't there. I wasn't there, I was freaking out! I finally find it after about 10 minnuts of looking and anxiety. So we go down into the woods to smoke cuz there's a cool wooden bridge and a river. A long hike but awesome adventure. So we get to our destination and spark up the blunt and pass it around. I'm taking huge drags and after about ten hits I'm Lifted! The blunt is passed back to me and I almost pass cuz I'm so baked but I decide to take one anyways.(I'm no bitch). At this point I am just trippin! I put my hands on my knees and look up at all my friends. I then stand up straight up and faint backwards and land straight on my back/head. I lay there for a bit and then stand up... Like what the fuck just happened... I begin to sweat rappidly and then my vision fades away. All I can see is black and green leaves moving in a pattern across my eyes. So the blunt is done so we start the walk back to the car. I'm walking ahead of everyone still feeling wierd... I then fall flat on my face in the dirt.. At this point my friends run over and pick me up and hold me up as we walk.. I tell them I'm fine to walk (which I don't remember) so they let me go.. At this point I fall sideways into a huge thorn bush, get up and fast walk forward as the thorns pull at my shirt an hand. I'm walking twards the bridge and stop at the river. My friends said I looked down the 5 foot drop into the water and then tried to walk off the mini cliff but they grabbed me before I could. At this point I jump back to reality and am now just sweating alot.(and high of course). Note.. This weed was shitty mids but for some reason broke down Into a really light green powdery bud..

    Has this ever happened to anyone? Anyone know what the FUCK happened?

    Thanks guys
  2. You blacked out due to lack of oxygen reaching your brain.
  3. I had that happen but I was hittin a 2ft bong in a lazy boy lol so all I did was lean back and hit the deck :smoke: Thats the only time I passed out

    Fucking excellent Trainwreck (the bud in my pic did it)
  4. Yea sounds like you could have just gotten light headed, especially after 11 hits. It could have been laced but i doubt it...

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