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smoked resin for the first time?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by J4K3ST3R, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. alright guys, here about an hour and a half ago i was sitting on the computer, and i was out of bud... and i don't re-up for another week... but it will help my tolerance. so its fine... but i decided i wanted to get a buzz and watch a movie. so i pulled out my dirtiest pipe and i couldn't find a paper clip, so i used a clean welding tig wire... and some needle nose to bend it... i got me a pretty good sized bowl of resin picked out, not to mention i chipped a piece out of my pipes mouthpiece. its not that bad though, wouldn't even notice if you didn't already know it was there.
    but anyway, i am straight stoned right now. and the resin didn't taste bad either? i mean it wasn't a taste i would prefer to taste all day if i was smoking it like i do green weed. but it was withstandable when your out of green and just need a toke...

    Yes, i know that resin is like mostly tar and inst the best to smoke. but i smoked it out of my bong and i had myself 3 nice clean rips:smoking:

    so yeah, do you enjoy smoking resin?
    i must say so myself that its a different high. most of the weed i smoke is indica dominant, so i'm used to the couch-lock i get from it. but this is more like a sativa high...
  2. yea dude, to be honest I preferably like resin. I mean its just a combination of whatever you smoked in some way or form, gets me high XD
  3. Exactly, I never smoked it because I always seemed to have green. But then the winter came, job is only during summer, and now I only get a half ounce for $45 of some mids every 2 to 3 weeks... This covers me for about a week, week and a half if I smoke a lot, but most of the time I only smoke at night.
  4. yea man I feel you, to be honest ive always scraped resin, hell sometimes when Im on my last gram or so ill scrape resin and mix it with kief. helps extend my stash a lot.
  5. always smoke resin when i run out, sadly i'm out of both bud and resin right now Dx
  6. I tried it for the first time like a hr ago ..since my supplier is out .. But I hate the taste but I am high still :)
  7. I'm sorry

  8. hahaha :D
    res does the trick when you dont have bud.. but the texture of it is fucking gross. like i dropped a little piece of resin on my bed and the stain will never come out.
    and when it gets stuck to your hands thats even worse.
    but it gets me high in times of need
  9. I have a one hitter that i use constantly and every now and then it will get completely clogged so i blow into for about 3 minutes and a fucking ballf of resin cannon balls out.
  10. #10 ByePhilipe, Jan 4, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2013
    I left my weed at my friends house so now I have to resort to resin. This is so disappointing.

    Edit: I'm high though. Thinking about making the hour long trip my my friends house to retrieve my shit and get an awesome hug.
  11. I dont like smokin resin.. Unless im desperate to get high.. The high is really good..but it doesnt last long n everytime I always get a headache

    It's a waste to throw it out, it gets you high, if you're running low or completely out or going to clean your pipe anyways why not get a free buzz?

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