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Smoked out

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by BossOTheGhetto, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. Sooooooooooo blazed, listening to Mobb Deep, who else is stoned?
  2. I just smoked 3 joints, me and my two close buddys meet up at the park just 20 minuts ago and we just passed 3 cannons round and round :p
  3. mad blazed right now
  4. smoked 3 small nugs to myself and i keep forgetting im stoned then i remember
  5. holy shit im stoooned. whoa just smoked 2 blunts... DANK BABy
  6. hahaha ...yes ..and i rented Big Fish! :D ..latezz
  7. damn man....no ones home.....im growin this rash on my face......no piece.....just an apple and a socket........but i got good weed:).....

    and oh yeah, im pretty fuckin high right now.....my eyes are all puffed up from this irritation rash, and plus im chinky eyes right now, lol.......so im just pretty much sleeping.....
  8. i have a low tolerencce and 2 blunts between 2 friends...omg

  9. lol......

    1 blunt of my shit will knock me out........
  10. ^^ maybe u just have an incredibly low tolerance

    im sober, feels good
  11. im stoned .. eatin pizza and drinkin coke.. kickin back n watchen da tube afta i write dis .. 1

  12. same here. been takin a lil break. 4th day sober in a row. about to leave for class. but it should only last an hour at most. i'd go blazed as hell like usual, but then it takes me longer to finish everything, and i just wanna come back home and be lazy.

  13. sorry to hear that! I was sober 30 minutes ago and remembered I put weed in certain dvd cases!

  14. LOL its funny you say that cause I just found 2 grams in my ps2 grand theft auto case :)
  15. ne1 ever here of berry haze? not blueberry juz berry haze... ive neva heard of it but ive neva heard my deala (also meh friend) dat high n a long time so ima get n eight of it tonight if ne1 can tell me how it is bfore i get it itd b good.. but if not ill post 2nite while im high n tell u how it is
  16. someee gooood ssshiiit =)))))
    hollay shiiiit thissssss techno isss puttin me n a trrance
    goooood choiceeeee berrry hazee

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