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  1. I was chillin with some friends, we end up meeting this Iraq war veteran, he has PTSD and all this bad shit goin down, but he actually was a pretty cool guy.

    Anyway, we were packing some bowls, and he told us he had an antler bowl. When he said antler bowl, i thought he meant like a glass piece with antlers or something. He went to get it, and when he came back, he pulled out a bowl made out of a deer antler. My friends and I just :eek:ed It had a string of beads around it that was his kill count from when he was in the war. Having seen this piece of badassery, we knew we had to smoke out of it.... so we did. It was nice :D

    Later, our new friend had left us, and we left our spot to go to a nearby headshop. Lo and behold, we look down on the sidewalk as we're walking along, and there is the bowl, the same antler bowl that our friend and smoked with us in. We picked it up and decided to go looking for him to give it back. Unfortunately, we couldn't find him, so Ben, if you lost your antler bowl, we still have it man.
  2. I have a friend who has made several of those. He also makes ashtrays out of turtle shells, and dead animal skulls. This is a guy who could live off of the land by his wits alone. He should have his own show on the Discovery channel.
  3. Shit man the guy sounds like a trooper.

    Antler horn how it taste?
  4. Have you ever smoked from a pipe made from stone? If so, that's what it reminds me of.
  5. I don't know about you guys, but I wouldn't want to use animal parts for a pipe. I would kinda feel bad about it.
    I'm not a vegetarian or anything. I'd rather just smoke out of glass.
    Cool story though.
  6. A deer doesn't even have to die to get their antlers. Deer rub their heads against trees to shed their antlers so new points can grow in.
  7. I didn't say whether or not an animal dies, just it doesn't seem right at least in my opinion.

    There's also a possibility of inhaling the animal's burning antlers/parts, which is not really good for the lungs.
  8. I would rather have glass but I understand the novelty of it
  9. I have a few friends who served in the Marine Corps and are Iraq war veterans. One time the topic came up that money is so pointless except that you need it to live. Then they all agreed they have the training to live off in the wild with only the tools they could carry.

    I've smelled burning antler I don't know if I'd smoke from one, but thats damn cool when people have those.
  10. Yeah, it was a little odd but pretty badass at the same time haha

    at least now i can say I smoked out of an antler!
  11. They sell them at sugar daddys in boston for like a 100 bucks
  12. I've smoked out of several antler pipes. The smell from the antler burning burns off within the first few bowls, sooner if you torch the inside of your bowl with a bic or torch style lighter. Once they have seasoned they are quite nice to toke out of.

  13. I dunno man if it's cleaned out I'm sure it's okay. You are inhaling burning plants after all.
  14. how is using something that would naturally decompose in nature as a tool a bad thing? in the spring time you can walk fields and literally just pick up sheds. to me that piece if it were taken from a shed and not a dead animal its a win win... as an avid outdoors man i can tell you this, the animal will eventually die anyways, either by the hand of man, wolves, coyotes, bears, illness, or old age. if something useful comes from that death then it is not in vain. plus the meat is pretty tastey if i do say so myself.
  15. I've been smoking weed for over 38 years and the first weed I smirked was Panama Red. (doesn't exist anymore) anyway, the proper way to smoke through antler or bone, is by having the bowl wrapped with a non toxic metal such as a thin piece of stainless steel and some coppers. Without the lining you will eventually be smokin the bone or antler itself which taste like shit and ruins your bud. Check out some authentic piece pipes on the Internet. Most of these sites will have both smokable and novelty ( non- smokable ) pipes for sale made by true North American Indians on their reservation. Also, many of these pipes have some kind of metal bowl with a bone or antler stem. By smoking out of one of these there is no chance of burning the bowl and getting that nasty ass bone taste.
    Smoke and Toke, but not till your Broke
    Piece out✌🏻️✌🏻✌🏻
  16. Did it make you horny?
    Get it?  Horny...antler?  Anybody?
  17. Thanks, in advance, for any info.[​IMG] 
    Very interesting. thanks for sharing. 
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  18. I remember this hippy dude from my area in the 70's who made all kinds of pipes out of antlers, mostly deer, and sold 'em at street fairs, and whatnot. They do "season-up" at a certain point, and taste like a pipe... I like a joint, myself, though. A big fatty. And, I still have the roach clip he gave to me back then. If I can find it, I'll post a photo, maybe...

  19. Lol at everybody saying Eww to breathing in antler. Y'all should check out the chemicals your breathing in from car/factory/human pollution every minute of everyday.

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