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Smoked Once, Drug Test in 6 days, uh oh?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ADD_man, Jan 21, 2010.

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    Tonight me and my friends decided to smoke up, and I haven't in the past 4 months and I figured what the hell, I got 6 days 'til my UA because I thought single use was only detectable 1-3 days after 1 use =[.. Anyway, I took 3 hits off the bowl, only one epic one, and got a mild buzz from it, and now I got 6 days to get it out of my system.. do you think I have a shot at my body naturally getting rid of it?

    -Sorry if this is in the wrong place, little stressed anyway cliffnotes

    -Clean for 4 Months
    -Smoked Tonight, 3 hits
    -UA 6 days
    -How probable is my cleanliness by then?

    *Note: I think I may be worrying over nothing,
    Looks to me like all the people who smoked one Joint tested clean within 2 days, which is way more than I, and the guy who had the oral dose tested positive for more like a week.
  2. u may have a good chance if it is the first you smoked but i would still be drinking water just to be safe
  3. yeah I think I may just do that.. oh and would it help get shit out of me to take 30mg adderall daily or should I not if I want it out faster? I figure it would help because I tend not to eat too much and drink only water while I'm on it.. but then again maybe it brings metabolism to a complete halt
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  5. Drink both Arizona Green Tea and Water like there's no tomorrow. Keep chuggin' it down/ And keep pissin' and hope for the best. Good Vibes:D
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  7. lol green tea and water mixed with amphetamine salts (prescribed so don't matter.) and weight lifting sounds like my get clean prescription.

    Anyway thanks guys, I'm guessing I'll be fine. Lol tuesday (the 6 days) thing is the end of this drug class thing I've been forced to go to but my friend got some blue dream today so I was like oh fuck it I gotta take a couple rips
  8. yeah man drink a ton of water/green tea until your piss runs clear, then drink some more, go workout a few times or sit in a sauna so youll sweat some of that shit out and you should be good. good luck man

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