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smoked on a kids slide at a playground today

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Gerald92, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. so today i met my friend at the park. we told our parents we were going to play basketball, when we were really going to play basketball...high. so i get there and we meet up, and the park looks empty, just some old guy using a metal detectors on the playground (lol). so we start to pack our first bowl, when we see this guy doing work for the city like 20 feet away just staring at us :eek: we look at him for a few seconds, then just turn around. we chill for a sec, then decide fuck it, and just go to the playground, sit on a slide, and light up lol. we finished our sesh and went and shot hoops, and the city workin dude was just starin at us lol. it was funny he clearly knew, but damn basketball high is fun :hello:
  2. The city working dude was probably wishing he could blaze.
  3. ya we were thinkin that haha
  4. Um... congratulations..
  5. i would really consider finding another place to smoke. Especially during the day. I personally dont condone medicating around children if i can help it. That and its a hefty fine for you getting caught.
  6. I always smoke at an elementry school down the street, a lot of other people do to.(On the weekends, when there are no children of course)
    But I used to be parannoid about people seeing me before, but now If someone is staring at me, I just nod and smile.
  7. there werent kids around lol

  8. So true.
  9. Awesome
  10. My buddy lives like right across the street from our old elementary, Were allways there late at night on the benches smoking, its a pretty chill spot too:smoke:
  11. its called BAKEsketball, god
  12. u defs shoulda given the city guy a bowl :D
  13. I can't play basketball for shit when I'm high, unless the point is to get airballs
  14. Props to the Elementary school smoking spots. I'm in walking distance from the elementary school I went there and often go there to smoke in on a field. I never thought I'd be up there smoking weed in the 3rd grade, lol.
  15. LOL at the guy with the metal detector
  16. As another poster pointed out, school property is the one of the last places you want to smoke because of the laws surrounding it. We're not talking a slap on the wrist here. For example, in my particular state, any sale or delivery within 1,000 feet of school property is an immediate upgrade to a felony charge with a 15-year sentence.

    Not something I would ever want to fuck around with just to say I smoked there...

  17. Exactly what I was going to post. Smoking near a school zone is pretty much the most retarded thing you can do. Why the fuck do people leave their home to smoke? (unless you live with your parents or something)

    Trust me, if you smoke in your home you have virtually zero chance of being caught.
  18. yeah at my old school this girl was smoking with literally ONE foot HALF on school property, and a TDSB cop saw and gave her a 600$ fine. and thats literally because she had half her foot on school property, im not even fucking shitting you there were like 50 people that saw this. and it was at a highschool, there obviously going to be more strict at an elementry school where little kids go.

    even now in toronto i heard they were going to start giving out fines for smoking in public parks.

    both of these storys are actually about cigs, but cigs arnt against the law, so keep that in mind haha.
  19. I used to blaze it at my old elementary school all the time. I never thought when I was 8 that I would be doing illegal activities there when I was 16.

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