Smoked marijuana in dorm room, 2 cops and 5 RAs came??

Discussion in 'General' started by dafookmaster, Oct 28, 2014.

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    deleted post thanks for feedback/help

  2. You plot the ultimate revenge on the RA.
    should not have smoked in your room
  3. That's a shame, sorry to hear it. I hope you learned to be smarter about where you toke next time.  :smoke: 
  4. Get a vape for dorm toking.
  5. Every school has different drug policy.
    You might want to look up your school's rules to know what to expect.
    BTW - Nice ninja skills keeping your shit hidden.
  6. your right, wont do that again haha

    during the whole ordeal i was fucking blown man. so the weed got me fucked up, but at the same time it saved me. cuz it gave me the guts to hide it in the spare of the moment
  7. im am done with anything regarding "inside" the dorm, but definitely would of been a better idea than a straight up pipe

    hahahaa, all the RA's give me that dirty look now, but just hoping for the best when the judicial affairs decide to meet


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